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New Q1SP: Gravey Trail By Madfox
Rinie 'Madfox' Brouwers makes his Quake mapping debut with Gravey Trail, a single player level that also functions in deathmatch mode. He describes it as a "medieval Castle, inspired by e2m4 Ebon Fortress."

So far the map is only available from fileplanet as a 637k .rar file:

(thanks aguirRe)
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Great to take the time to look to my update...
underworldfan, and to place it on your site. 
your welcome, Madfox. 
Orb's Considderation 
Get rarther trunked by seeing all those new Episodes for Quake1. Seven new ones. My God...

Can't find the time, while being so buzzy with beta testing the ones of my own.
Just ready testing the first four, but now I start enjoying it.Seems as if the challenge gets bigger, by playing at wits end.
And that strange "piece the ressistance" from the Orb, by being unwilling to fit in Quake1.

Greetings, MadFox 
And here I am with a map, called "FlyingDutchman".
It has so many animated textures, it has fall-out. Even after extended vising for lots of houres "vis testlevel4"
Anyone knows a more extend vis option?

tried the new arghlite and better vis.exe,
but still like to know.
I there are several vising options, there must be one further than testlevel4. 
fall-out - greyflash due to hight r_speeds ? 
fall-out, yes r_speed?

Is planetrunreal a good viser? 
no, planetunreal is not a viser. I was just testing site linkage. Sorry about that.

Ar eyou viewing in software mode, if so then high r-speeds cause greyflash. 
Ancient Mariner 
Nevermind.. send the level to and Bengt had a good look at the map.
Has brought me to a better know-how for this
complex map.
I view the maps with Telejanos.This gives a good solution to maps that tend to fade-out with grey.
Keeping the view length not further than 8x64
helps to get the best vising.
But in this case I ment a medieval boat in a
starsky, and that needs a lot from the Quake-engine. 
Good Orb Last Dream 
Finally I achieved, what I was so aiminglesly
hunting to find...
the shapes of an Orb in the "Enfernos" of Quake1.

Never thought I would ever find it! 
Not Half The Whole... 
Fixed the first 11 levels beta-testing, but now
with the Orb in vieuw skills get changed.
Modelling monsters is a totally other "bite"
than construckting maps.
Like to try a new lizard in stead of the dog.

Hey Necros, how is "MirrorMan"? 
Anyone knows how to change the "size of health
and dmg" in the Client.qc
I would like to change the strength of the monsters.
"cheque for gibs self-health 35"
"selfhealth 80" 
Re: Stronger 
each monster's health is controlled in their respective .qc files.

look in the spawn function for = XXX.

the gib checking is checked during dead, also in the respective .qc files.

also, i totally forgot about the map. sorry about that. i just finished playing it through now, and i'll send you an email with my impressions and a demo soon. 
Elephant Talk 
submit error 
Elephant Talks 2 
& while I was testing this Orb in it's unconvienent Q1 setting, it blew up my
Waiting for a new one (CPU) so I can collect
its data again.
That stunning info_camera. 
For Anyone Wondering..... 
madfox has transplanted the "orb" model from q3a into quake 1. it looks kind of cool from what i have seen ;)

sorry about the CPU "explosion", madfox. 
k wtf 
Centrifical Energy Radiation 
As the story goes, there had to be a reason for Orb's appearance in Quake1.
So I put it in one of the best levels I made.
It's a kind of particel-execellerater, or how
would you call that CERN thing in Suise.
But it took to much power, fighting all those
Orbs, coming in with excentraffical force...
But wasn't it the same reason the Orgs came in? 
particle acclerator in switzerland. excellent stuff.

but what are "Orgs"? 
madfox has transplanted the "orb" model from q3a into quake 1. it looks kind of cool from what i have seen

Do you mean Orbb - the player model? Or something else? 
yes i mean orbb the player model.
madfox sent me a screenshot a while ago but i think i have lost it. :/ 
Heh, cool :)

"Your female parental unit!" 
Purpose Of The Game... 
On a dark night AM4:00, as I was reading the manual of Quake1, I lost the passage -It's about the slipgate device, an enemy is using it's own to insert death squads into our camps-
Weren't it orgs, or fiends...,
Shambler must be to big..., so it has to use some kind of neutrino's.
This stunning Info_camera has changed a little, 
Do Electric Sheep Dream Of Computers? 
But whar are "Humanoids"? 
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