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SM128: Building On A Strange Animal
Stagnation again. Only two SP maps this time: A 1024� map by generic and a theme map by neg!ke.



Edit from moderator: Go map everyone!
Generic: Beautiful looking. The "keep all 4 buttons pressed" switch was damn annoying though. Everytime I felt from the upper levels I had to press them again and I felt about 3 times. One time when doing the slope jump badly, then being stopped by a scrag that was teleported in my way doing the same jump later, then fighting the shambler. D'oh!

Neg!ke: Erm, cute... Very hard, I succeeded on the second try though. The vores were fun, I love mid-air shoots. Reminded me of that "hopping shambler" map I once made. The building was very tight and therefore very hard to fight in.

The theme was too hard for me, sorry. 
Generics In 26 Secs. 
I liked everything about generics map tbh, the buttonpressing, slopejumps etc.

Neg!kes was...cute. 
nice pack! generic piss me of a litle becouse of those 4 bottons :\ errrrrrrr fight was very easy even on hard after the demon start!

negke oh wel strange map! :) when i�ve got to the cat back didn�t saw the entrance and jump to rocket :\ is easy... so i kill the vores and finish? :\ errr 18 kills

thks for some cool moments of fun! 
Neg!ke's Map 

Great idea for a theme, got some cool results too :) 
come to IRC - bring speedmapping back online, like it used to be 
Eek what a horrible, disgusting monster of cuteness that is. Kawaii!!! 
gets another medal.

the cat map is cool. reminds me of some Tomb Raider map where you must enter a giant cat. the whole level is built around it.

I think is is "Temple of the Cat" (TR1 Gold.) You walk out on the cat's tongue and then the game ends. 
It's All About The Eyes ^_^ 
the buttons in generic's map were a nice twist, although keeping all of them pressed could have been harder (less wait?). the large windows looked good in the otherwise dark room.
more monsters for fallers! ;) 
I Have To Be Honest 
Before I looked the url, I assumed than made the cat map :) 
Two Bees Or Not Two Bees... 
Neg!ke's map was fun as always - although I'm getting a little tired of always running from spawns ;) I *love* the sadistic humor and gameplay touches (vore/skeet shooting anyone?) he always manages to bring to the Quake table :)

I'm glad you guys liked mine! :D I tried not to make the buttons too difficult, wait-wise, in case some of you kept falling off the platforms ;) Lodis certainly had no problems -- awesome demo, BTW!

I'll try to fix up this little cutie for next time:

The Snail... 
looks fucking sweet :)

er, will play this weeks speedmaps later when I get them home. Going to get connected at home again soon :) 
Both maps are fine.

Everyone says it is a cat. But I was thinking that is a mouse all the time. The flying vores were funny. And the "architecture" was also nice.

A liked your map a lot. I didn't find the 4 buttons + jumping that hard. I liked the possibility to provoke monster infight and that you could reach the exit without killing any monsters. The map looked nice also. 
Nice Work 
liked both maps. neg|ke's was quite hard though. you could have used a monochromatic sky to avoid the ugly quake-big-sky-mirror-effect. funny vores! generic: did you use all 1024³ space? didn't feel like it. 
Yep. Only the ceiling was outside of the 1024^3 area -- but that was okay according to Neg!ke's specifications.

Sure, I could have probably filled it up more but 1024^3 is a lot of real estate to work with ;) Plus, I didn't want to delay the map release any more than I already had :) 
Map Screenshots 
generic's looks like a pretty nice map.

neg!ke's looks, well, funky. 
Good Theme 
reminds em of sm17... 
Lol Bear 
indeed. nice one btw. 
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