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BSP .95c Released
This release fixes a lot of bugs and adds some new features, especially shading and translucency to GL, models rendered in GL, and configurable keyboard layout. Some important bug fixes include the handling of surface flags in the surface window and clipper drawing in XY views. And finally, included is a new (and unfinished) help file in .chm format.

Changes include:
-Added shading, fog, translucency to GL.
-Added extrude face command. Creates new brush from selected face.
-Q1 and Q2 models will render in GL mode.

Thanks to Besmella-Quake for the heads-up!
hehe Spirit_ URL could help us :) 
-Added extrude face command. Creates new brush from selected face.

Sounds interresting, will check it out :) 
Looks Freaking Awesome. 
Gotta check this editor out now that there is a new guy in charge who seems to really have his shit together. Wasn't that long ago that he released 0.94, and now he's back with a ton of new features.

extrude face. Looks cool.
3-point clipper. Awesome.
open gl 3d view. I am a WC SW user, so it's a big plus.

How is texture rotation and application? any merge brush features? (I miss that in WC as I used it a lot in Radiant)

Man, it's so awesome that this scene is still alive in just about every area after ten years.

If it wasn't my gfs birthday today, I'd probably try and do some mapping with BSP tonight. Don't think I will be kicking the WC habit for any of my current maps though. 
Oh, And By The Way... 
Where does the source to e1m1 come from? Are there any other id map sources available?

Didn't Romero say he might release the map source after QExpo if possible (not really up to him, is it?) 
thanks for the link 
Oops, Sorry About Forgetting The Link. 
This editor really has some nice features. I should try it. 
Yes, it has brush merge.

Texture rotation can be done through Surface Window or (easiest) SHIFT/CTRL and mouse drag, which makes lining up odd angles a cinch.

SHIFT and drag moves the texture around without scaling

CTRL and drag scales the texture

You can copy textures to other brushes - ALT/b, or to other faces - ALT/f; etc, etc.

It's good, everyone should try it. 
Romero has been promising .map's for years :o 
The Map 
It's Called "" In The Old Releases. 
Looks Interesting 
I think I will try that out. I usually have lot of problems with creating complex brushes. Looks like it could be easier with this editor. 
promised more than maps, whether that will be delivered is yet to be seen

he gave me a small sample, im still hoping it is on its way. ill nag him next time i see him online. 
If Anyone Is Interested... 
...BspEditor 95 is working fine under Vista RC2 
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