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MPQ Archive Now Live
I've finally gotten off my lazy backside and sorted it. All the old reviews are there and downloadable.

Thanks to Vondur, RPG, DaZ and Biff for their help and feedback.

Good to see it up and running, Puak =D 
Congrats, Paul 
It's great to see your hard work pay off. :) 
Retro reviews ahoy! 

thank you pak! 
Thanks chaps :) 
This Is Admirable 
Puak. MPQ was there for me as I was an aspiring mapper. I'd just love reading new reviews with each update and would often re-read old ones. This was THE source for quake maps. It is commendable that you have resurfaced and repainted this cherished home.

well Done paul. well done. 
Great work pauk :) It's really nice to see mpq again, reminds me of highschool and college, drawing map designs while I was meant to be learning and stuff. 
It's multiplayer quake 1 only, then? What about all the mpq2 reviews?

specifically mine? :D 
The Quake 2 reviews were binned back in 99. Sorry. 
Excellent, stage one is complete, now six months of #tf nagging and we should be able to get this fully live again. ;) 
Congrats Pauk 
extremely nice site you got there, I love how easy it is to find anything! I think I'll be trawling the archives pretty thoroughly soon. Also, nice design, clearly going for all the 'Web 2.0' crap and doing it well. I especially like the changing banner, good idea.

Now we need something like this for the TeamShambler archives / UWF site :D 
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