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I've always enjoyed the releases throughout the Quake community and obviously enjoy the game and some of the communities efforts, and so for awhile I've wanted to give back and help out. is my solution.

I set it up to host mappers who need a place. There are a few prerequisites at this time:

- This is for classic Quake -- Quake 1 and 2 work only. If the bulk of your work is Q1/Q2 but you have a couple Q3 maps, then sure. It just gets to a point where you're hosting a broad range of files and blah blah... just consider how much maps have grown in filesize since Q1.

- must have presentable work (don't just say "well I've got some maps on a CD-R and uh...) - link me

- should have quality work. If you're a new mapper who shows potential/promise, definitely considerable for hosting - but I'm moreso looking for a bit seasoned mappers

- will need to display an 88x31 .GIF button linking back to

- don't upload copyrighted material/porn/etc. I wouldn't mind if you have a few small non-Quake files, but remember why you're being hosted - QUAKE!

- *NOT REQUIRED* - to write tutorials. However I would prefer it, it's a nice gesture for what I'm offering.

The server is shared, 3000 MB & 125GB bandwidth, hardly any of this space is really used.

If anybody is interested, just fill out the contact form with links to your work and comments if you have any/want to say anything else. From there I'll decide. Thanks!
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As I Said Elsewhere 
Spirit will host mappers at

I will host mappers at

Why in the world did you pick Hehe 
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