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Here3domectf ...
What do you thin k about this map ?
screenshot is on
Download on my web site in the maps/q3 section


No there is no error on m url
I need real feelings please .

ho yes here3dm7 is now aviable in the final version ... All my maps are aviable now you can download it in the news .
I knew there was something fishy about that last "final" release of here3dm7! 
What ??? 
what is fishy ???
I 've tested all the map !!!
What do you mean ? 
I think he means that he thought your old news post about here3dm7 was about a beta map not a bug-free map, especially now that you say a final version is up.

Anyway, I'll download both here3domectf and here3dm7 and get back in a few days. 
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