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Tails Quake - Total Conversion For Quake1
Hi guys, I found this good TC at quakeexpo. It is very good. PS: If you visit the website please post comments and rating for this TC.Authors want it.

Main Site:
Qexpo Page:
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I looked at the screenshots and stuff. It's a huge aggregation of a bunch of (presumably free) existing content, including textures and levels you will probably recognize. For example I saw a retextured version of an RPG speedmap here:

It also appears to have some non-free content, such as models recognizably ripped from quake2 and the UT series.

It also doesn't appear to be a true TC, as i see stock torch models, a knight model, and stock HUD graphics.

Those comments aside, it would be interesting to see what all is here and how it plays, since it claims to be a huge game (6x15 SP levels?) 
This Is Shit 
lots of material randomly thrown together without the slightest credit for the original authors. not only quake2 monsters, weapons and music (+unreal tournament apparently), also rpg and quoth stuff, as well as a lot of maps that i would bet my ass are used without permission, like e1m1rmx, rpgse, beyond belief,... 
I Played Through The Whole Thing 
not a lot of original content, but still fun to play through, some of the weapons were pretty satisfying, although the combat got a little boring after a while. Stupid scrags. 
I saw this during the expo. In the booth, screenshots 2, 3, and 4 are from RPGSMSE. However, I released the maps under the GPL, so he has every right to use them, as long as he redistributes the source if he made any changes.

However, I strongly disapprove of his texture-replacement choices. tsk. 
As Far As I Know ... 
The "Tails" guy is a 13 (ish) year old from a non-English speaking country.

Just a kid who has to use Babelfish to read English and isn't familiar with legalities and such.

I wouldn't be too hard on him. 
Bad Name 
He is not Tails but Shadowtails.He is from Czech 
Permissions About Maps 
Sorry about premission but i was download it from Rush server and in zip of maps were only 1kb readme file Which says this

23/4/2006 Generate by S.Savolsky

Rushin maps archiv

With this maps you can do whatever you want.
You mussn�t write to use any permissions.


Sorry but i don not known who made this or that map.
Sorry for my horrible English. 
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