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Q1SP: Grunt Grenadin
I wanted to celibrate Quake10 and this board for its help it granted me in the past years! I made a new level, and I hope you enjoy it! might have called it Grunt's Rarebit, or PoopinGrenade, because the slopes cause a bad effect.

Download the level:

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A New Madfox Level... explore.Yeah. 
I Haven't Played 
this edition yet, but the beta was fun. 
I really enjoyed playing this map. Some areas are a bit bland, but the size of the map makes up for it. It took me a half hour to beat it, which is pretty long. Difficulty was just right, not to hard, but not to easy. Well done. 
This Map 
This map has so much potential!
The layout is cool once you get the hang of it, the progression is really interesting, some of the setpieces are good. In genral this map is a really good idea.

Sadly, the build quality is non-existant, the lighting is an affront to God, the texturing seems to have been done in notepad and there are some weird choices regarding theme.

100% serious: If I had the time I would do a remake of this map.

Oh, and what kind of naming convention is naming the .zip 'grunt' while naming the .bsp 'grenade'? And also putting folders in the .zip file when it's not needed? :( 
Oh And 
Please please please learn to use gold/silver key doors properly, Madfox. Making the doors open when you pick up the key is not correct and makes things confusing.
Add the key "spawnflags" "8" to make a gold key door and "spawnflags" "16" to make a silver key door. 
Soo Picturesque - A True Madfox 
to anyone who wants to play it, i strongly recommend deleting the .lit file, because the colored lighting looks really really shit. i had to blink my eyes every few seconds to make sure they were still ok. without the .lit, it was much more endurable.

then what czg said; plus i got lost after the pushing the goldenrunelight button which lets one fall into the water in the waterfall canyon. noclip. :/ 
Didn't You Find 
there's a hole in the wall on one side that you can swim up and press a button and then there's another hole that opens up to the waterfall and then there's a door that opens up that leads to a hallway and then I dunno what happens 
NO! Dont delete .lit - that would make map less madfoxy 
Glad You Enjoyed The Level! 
I must admit the colors were overdewed, as said in the read me.
I already made them half as they were, but it is still too severe,
must be my cartoon roots.

czg, the first name I had was -grunt grenade-,
but then I discovered a map on the net that already had that name. Making keys is indeed not my strongest side, and texturing was a tough job.

neg!lke, there is indeed a point, when one swims further without taking the side way, the level can have a deadend. I will make an arrow for markpoint.

#7 -that leads to a hallway and then I dunno what happens-
Then the halldoor in front of you has opened, so now you can make your way to the second train, end level.

This level has made me a hom-blaster!
I had this strange apearance with maps in the past.
Then it were a few two or three. Nevermind.
Virtus DeathMatchMaker isn't so bad anyway! 
No Way 
you use deathmatchmaker?! I remember buying that... 
Must Admit 
that the big marine base and the round chamber were made with it. Maybe this explains the srage texture editing. It always goes 2" out of grid.

Later I placed the maps together with Quark61.
And without the new tyrlight of Aguire the map
refused in a maximal planes. Thanks for that!

There were two parts I sunk into the level, and I couldn't find anything in the map.
So I clipped them with succes. 
I used to use Deathmatch Maker too. I've also got DMM2 and HexMaker hanging around somewhere. A fool and his money, eh.

MadFox, did you not release this map a while ago? Or was that in beta?

Either way, I strongly recommend leaving DMM behind for good now that you've picked up something else. It's very restrictive, and tends to cause some very irritating errors in my experience. 
DMM?? O_O 
I'd rather be making maps in Windows Notepad than Deathmatch Maker - at least in Notepad you actually have the option of placing brushes on a binary grid.

It's also worth pointing out that Notepad's "texture browser" is at least as good as Deathmatch Maker's if I recall correctly... 
The map was earlier released on beta and screenshots. I needed some support to know if my mappings were modulated enough for an average player.

I really tend to Quark61. It has barsliders and a good viewer, and texture scaling. And for correcting things I always go back to Quark407. Silly I never got RQradiant working in a decent way.But I'm still running under Win98, because for Quake I don't want to loose my Dos functions.

Kinn, in the readme I wrote something about the brush placement.
It was related to an article I read on this board about placing polyhedron ends exact on grid line, but I forgot if it was you or Kell.

CZG, if you would make a remake of this map, what would you change?
I am really curious about it. As with support it can make me see what I is meself becoming blind of all that mapping. Had a testlevel -4 of 18 houres. 
What Would I Change? 
Everything but the layout really. 
Had already a big box around it for stopping it leak, not a good sign.
Also the lighttextures had a high count. 
...go on CZG, you know you want to! 
Reviewage -> 
I Played And Played 
and after some twenty minutes I couldn't get forward and then noclipped and then played some ten minutes and then again stuck and then frustrated and quit. Is it really finishable in skill 1 and without noclip? 
oh wel i shouldn�t be making any coment becouse u are a fucking asshole(many reasons...) !!! but if i don�t coment i become one like u... so i will drop my comment on your map...

i think u had very good idears, the layout was great with nice combats,doors were a lot confused... for exemple near the dragon when shambler spwan, i run almost all level trying to understand what happend... this suck real hard... took lot of time to find way! in the water part same crap... :\ drop some msg... once in a wile... or people get bored and start using noclip!!!

thks all was a nice level to play good work!

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