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Zogg Pak (Quake 4 MP Mappack) Released!
Quaker-X and heXum have joined forces and created a Q4 mappack entitled Zogg Pak. We did this in an effort to give the community some less "stock" looking and playing maps.

Download link:

Quaker-X -
heXum -
Looks Pretty Cool 
nice and atmospheric from the shots 
Temple of Zogg gave me a boner that only overdosing on viagra could reproduce. 
Awesome Looking Shots Guys 
I really dig the industrial-cum-gothic decaying style in QuakerX's map, but they are both looking fantastic. 
Both Look Good ... 
... but I get like an average of 32 fps ... it's a slide show ...
and before I get bad comments, yes, it might be like that with my doom3 map too, but not on my pc, so just don't say anything :p 
Your map ran like a dream...
It was, and still is, the best Doom3 custom map released...

It was an absolute pleasure... 
Temple Of Zogg Textures 
Really kicked my ass. Quaker-X rules for sprucing up those RT-Gnosis tex so well. And the map is awesome too, yes. 
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