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Concept Art: Need It For Your Mod?
As some of you may (not) know I've gotten back into drawing recently and am on a challenging road to grow and improve as an artist in hopes to become a concept artist.

So what better way for me to get some work/experience/learning by doing concept work for your mod(s) if you need it.

If interested, contact me via

Thank ya.
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Just Curious... 
I came across this forum just googling stuff. I am currently a concept artist at a game studio and I just wanted to know what you ended up doing in life.. Are you still into art? Doubt this gets answered.. I am posting this almost 3 years after this thread died. 
SomeDude haha nice1
afaik Phait works at wallmart or some retail chain 
Thread Bumping 
stop doing it cos you're bored - why not think of a new discussion topic that's interesting . . . oh, yeah. 
That was 2003.

No, going to college for some graphic/print design this summer. I've more patience/confidence in web/graphic design for the past 6 years so it's only natural that's what I pursue. 
come back to tf 
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