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Mapping Help
This is the place to ask about mapping problems, techniques, and bug fixing, and pretty much anything else you want to do in the level editor.

For questions about coding, check out the Coding Help thread:
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no, you can't combine mods without some coding. You'd need the source code for each mod, and enough understanding to know what files to edit and how. (Also, Quoth source code was never released.) 
As expected.. Well, I have to learn some qc and try at least. Thank you! 
By the way, jumpmod include dev folder with qc and map sources (like pd_200) 
Show Lights Color Directly In TB 
my friend lurq use JACK as editor, and it has a really nifty way of displaying what color each light source is, without clicking and reading the properties. See this image:
- any way of getting this feature to TB?
cheers, bps 
Unintentional Post Spam 
omg, didn't realize post stuck on last page... sorry 

You could log an issue on Github, the Trenchbroom developer is quite resposive! I think it could be a good idea - there was talk of a real time lighting preview in Trenchbroom - not sure what became of that idea. Nonetheless - you can find it here: 
Trenchbroom Disregarding Edits When Compiling 

I've been fiddling around in TrenchBroom for just over a week now, making simple box maps to test mechanics as well as starting on a proper map. I've had some previous experience with Hammer.
In a couple of instances now, TrenchBroom saves the document (.map-file) and I can restore the file with all edits apparently up to date. However, sometimes the documents seem to get "stuck", in that when try to compile them, it seems to compile an older version of the file.
When this happens, I have found no way to proceed with the same .map-file; I either have to revert to an older backup or start over... It has happened on very simple maps with no errors in them as well.
Any ideas? 
What are you using to compile your Quake .map? Is it Necros' Compiling GUI or are you using TrenchBroom map compiling profiles? There's also another utility for compiling maps that I've seen mentioned but don't remember the name right now, while some people even use batch files or other scripts to compile their maps.

Either way, some screenshots of the configs might help.

Also, just in case, what engine you are loading your compiled maps in? 
I'm Old. 
I always manually export my .map file into a compiler folder, often with a new name, and use CMD to run the compilers manually. I use ericw's Quake tools. Works well. I also then manually copy my .bsp and .lit into the quake\id1\maps DIR and load the map manually. Works every time.

I guess you could try and run TB as administrator. Maybe it's a write permissions issue. Not sure. 
Adding Quake 2 Assets/ Entities To Quake 1 
Hi just started exploring mapping with Quake and Trenchbroom and was wondering something.

Is it possible to bring Quake 2 entities over to Quake 1, and if so, is there a guide out there on how you could do this, or would anyone here be able to explain the process? (I'm not sure what kind of compatibility there is between the games.)

Lastly, are you then able to use Trenchbroom to drop these entities into your Quake 1 map?

Thanks for any advice! 
You'd need a QuakeC mod to implement the behaviors of the entities.

For example this mod does Quake 2 weapons:

Once you have the mod, an FGD or DEF file specifically designed for that mod can be used with Trenchbroom so that the editor knows about those entities.

At first glance that Q2M mod doesn't include an FGD or DEF, but it includes Python scripts that you can use to create those files? Kinda weird, maybe I'm misreading things. If you do end up wanting to map for that mod you could talk to its creator on moddb above, or in the Quaddicted forum here:

They're also present and active on the Quake Mapping discord server. 
Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly! Damn, that is definitely a sight more complicated than I had been hoping. XD Well it's cool to see others have had similar thoughts, even if that mod is specifically weapons so far. I think I'll stick with practicing mapping for now, but keep this in mind if I decide to try and dive off the deep end there. Thanks a heap for trying to help me figure it out and explaining what would be required! 
Launching Issue 
I'm having issues loading my map up, for some reason every time it compiles and I press a key to launch it just doesn't do anything, never gives me an error or anything. I just checked my output and where my map is located and they are both correct. Here's what I'm getting every time I compile it this is what I get.

Copying Files...
1 file(s) copied.
Converting map...
---- qbsp / ericw-tools v0.18.1-32-g6660c5f ----
Input file:
Output file: TestMap.bsp

---- LoadMapFile ----
*** WARNING 06: No info_player_deathmatch entities in level
7548 faces
1268 brushes
537 entities
54 unique texnames
2026 texinfo

Opened WAD: C:/QuakeDev/wads/e4m3.wad
Processing hull 0...
---- Brush_LoadEntity ----
1074 brushes
2 detail illusionary
878 planes
---- CSGFaces ----
6398 brushfaces
5256 csgfaces
4081 mergedfaces
---- SolidBSP ----
5741 split nodes
2387 solid leafs
3180 empty leafs
157 water leafs
0 detail leafs
18 detail illusionary leafs
0 detail fence leafs
0 illusionary visblocker leafs
11108 leaffaces
10170 nodefaces
---- Portalize ----
3355 vis leafs
3355 vis clusters
10010 vis portals
---- FillOutside ----
*** WARNING 10: Reached occupant at (-296 -1928 -208), no filling performed.
Leak file written to TestMap.pts
---- MakeFaceEdges ----
---- GrowRegions ----
Processing hull 1...
*** WARNING 10: Reached occupant at (-296 -1928 -208), no filling performed.
Processing hull 2...
*** WARNING 10: Reached occupant at (-488 -1928 -208), no filling performed.
*** WARNING 16: Texture wwall1_1 not found
*** WARNING 16: Texture rock4_1 not found
*** WARNING 16: Texture wswamp1_4 not found
*** WARNING 16: Texture stone1_3 not found
*** WARNING 16: Texture rock3_8 not found
*** WARNING 16: Texture rock3_7 not found
*** WARNING 16: Texture light3_6 not found
*** WARNING 16: Texture __TB_empty not found
*** WARNING 16: Texture azfloor1_1 not found
*** WARNING 16: Texture skip not found
---- WriteBSPFile ----
Wrote TestMap.bsp
1814 planes 36280
13524 vertexes 162288
6613 nodes 158712
1508 texinfo 60320
11591 faces 231820
10293 clipnodes 82344
4123 leafs 115444
12533 marksurfaces 25066
46199 surfedges 184796
29039 edges 116156
59 textures 299020
lightdata 0
visdata 0
entdata 36654

0.867 seconds elapsed
Peak memory usage: 55390182 (52.8M)
---- vis / ericw-tools v0.18.1-32-g6660c5f ----
running with 8 threads
testlevel = 4
LoadBSPFile: 'TestMap.bsp'
BSP is version 29
LoadPortals: couldn't read TestMap.prt
No vising performed.
---- light / ericw-tools v0.18.1-32-g6660c5f ----
Raytracing backend: Embree
running with 8 threads
LoadBSPFile: 'TestMap.bsp'
BSP is version 29
SetQdirFromPath: no "maps" in 'C:\QuakeDev\working\/TestMap.bsp'--- ConvertTextures ---
Loaded extended texinfo flags from TestMap.texinfo
--- LoadEntities ---
WARNING: brush entity with mins (961.00 1153.00 -733.00) maxs (1023.00 1247.00 -729.00) (func_door) has targetname "apd2", which is not targeted by anything.
511 entities read, 254 are lights.
--- OptionsSummary ---
Embree_TraceInit: Embree version: 2.15.0
184 sky faces
9566 solid faces
0 filtered faces
0 shadow-casting skip faces
SetupLights: 254 initial lights
SetupLights: 254 after surface lights
SetupLights: 254 after jittering
--- EstimateLightVisibility ---
Final count: 254 lights, 0 suns in use.
--- LightWorld ---
--- LightThread ---
Lighting Completed.

lightdatasize: 214606
0 switchable light styles (32 max)
Writing TestMap.bsp as BSP version 29
0.380 seconds elapsed

2.192647 lights tested, 1.355077 hits per sample point
0.000000 surface lights tested, 0.000000 hits per sample point
0.000000 bounce lights tested, 0.000000 hits per sample point
0 empty lightmaps
1 file(s) copied.
1 file(s) copied.
The system cannot find the file specified.
Press any key to continue . . .

Does anything stick out here that could be wrong? 
What are you using for compiling the map? Some pics with settings would be good as well.

According to pasted log I see .map is compiled into .bsp, but not vis'ed because it has leaks ("Reached occupant" warnings), but that's a different issue.

Afterwards it has lightmap generated by light tool, then 2 files (I assume .bsp and .pts) are copied somewhere ("1 file(s) copied" message), and the last command (which I assume is to launch the engine with the map) has an error message:

> The system cannot find the file specified.

So looks like you need to check your paths? Specifically, for launching game/engine. 
Making An Elevator With Multiple Stops In Trenchbroom 
Hey everyone,

I'm new to Trenchbroom and wanted to make a map with a central elevator that goes up to a new floor, then the player needs to find a switch to let the elevator progress to the next floor. I know you can use doors as elevators, but from what I can see, they can only move between two points. Is there any way to achieve what I want to do here? Thanks! 
You need will need a mod for that.

I added this feature in Rubicon 2, so it's surely also in Alkaline -- you can set a flag on a func_train to stop at each point waiting to be triggered again. It's spawnflags "1"

I'm sure that AD and progs_dump and Copper also have similar features but they may be implemented differently. 
In original game (ID1) you can't do multiple-floor elevators, at least the ones that are controlled with the buttons to call it up and/or down between the floors.

I know that Mission Pack 2 (ROGUE) has such an elevator, but nobody maps for the Mission Packs. Such elevator is also implemented in "progs_dump" mod: 
@rik @gila 
progs_dump has the mission pack 2 style of elevators with a good sample map you can study and cut and paste from

AND progs_dump also has the func_train "wait for retrigger" method metlslime refers to as well

You can find progs_dump 2 here and version 3 will be coming out next week come hell or high water.

No later than the 27th (if all goes as planned)

You are welcome to come to the dev Discord and ask questions!

One thing to note is that the trains changed between version 2 and 3 so you'll need to tweak this if you start with 2 and move to 3. 
Thanks for the recommendations everyone! I'm doing this for a school project and I'm not sure if we're allowed to use mods, so fingers crossed. 
Hey All! 
Been tinkering with Quake mapping again after ... so very, very long.

At any rate, using Arcane Dimensions and wanting to start the player with just their axe. I see the "takeweapons" key for the worldspawn but not having a lot of luck getting it to do anything. And Google hits are very thin.

Any guidance I could refer to? 
You may also have a look at the "Holy Quake Mapping Bible" written by aguirRe:

This text file allowed me to solve 99% of the issues I face when I as mapping (one decade ago)

Good read ! 
Just found the same question on discord.

Give the player a trigger_once hull brush.

classname trigger_once
target take

Another trigger

classname target_items
items 4096
origin . . .
spawnflags 2
targetname take
weapon 4096

Player starts with only the axe.
Thanks riktoi. 
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