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New Q1SP - The Masque Of The Red Death
After much pain and suffering, I present The Masque of the Red Death - a seven story nightmare castle full of pain and suffering.


I'm issuing a warning right now: the system requirements for this map are extremely high, and as far as I can tell it will only run in Darkplaces or aguirRe's custom engines. Also, the map requires Quake Mission Pack 1: Scourge of Armagon.

I've tested the hell out of this thing, and I think it's reasonable, but I don't doubt that some people will find it very difficult. Most players will likely die several times on their first run through. I hope supplies are sufficient and that everyone who plays is able to get it working and doesn't die of frustration either in that process or because of the dense horde combat.

Edit: Skill settings are only functional via the console, not via the enclosed start map.

Thanks to my playtesters - Mike Woodham, Necros, and Kinn. A particular thanks to aguirRe both for playtesting and for all of his technical help and the entity corrections that he made.
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challenging horde combat and e4 tex
o u c h 
:) Can Wait To Play Right Here At Work... 
but i will need aguirRe to make this kind of file... please? :) 
What's The Chance This Will Run In Fitz ? 
Unfortunately, I Haven't Been Able To Get It To Run In FitzQuake 
Too many entities for Fitz to be able to load it. Only DP and Bengt's engines, which remove limits that most other engines have, can run this map in my experience.

Also, for those without Scourge of Armagon, you can probably play this using any progs.dat that includes hipnotic's func_spawn code. If you had Soul Of Evil, for example, you could substitute -soe for -hipnotic, and still run the map thus: quake -soe -game masque (I checked that and it works). 
thks Tronyn guess i will must wait to get home... :( just have nightjourney at work :)

i will get sick during the wait but...i will get better wend i start to play :) 
Quaddicted Mirror
i should learn to use the preview button... sorry. 
Well... doesn't work with JoeQuake either. 
It Won't Work 
in any engine that doesn't use a modified Q1 protocol. It's not the amount of entities as such, it's the amount of unique models that are >256. But even if that was fixed you'll need bigger packets as well, otherwise you'll just end up with SZ_GetSpace errors and massive packet overflows. And there are other limits that need to be extended too ...

This is a high-end map (and a great one at that). 
Skill 0

2/8 Secrets
329/340 Monsters

The start map (skill selector) looks very good. Does anyone know how to get to nightmare mode?

When you get to the main map, the start is really tough, I died at least twice trying to get out of the first room. Ammo is fine, there was more than enough left on the map at the end, especially shells. I left behind at least 5 big boxes. Armour was plentyful as well, with 1 GA and 2 YA unused. Health is a little lacking, though, although there were at least 4 MH that I collected. The end is a very slight anti-climax, but after spending over an hour trying to complete the bloody thing, I don't really care...

It's a very good experience. I just don't feel like experiencing it again for a while... 
Mini Hipnotic Pak 
For those who don't have the Hipnotic MP1, I've uploaded a small file that hopefully should be enough to play the pak:
Played It 
using aguire's engine (which is pretty damn fine btw).

I was going to post how I didnt find it that tough, given the warning, but then realised I didnt load it up with Hipnotic.

It still works, so its not necessary to have hipnotic, but I'm assuming a lot of hipnotic monsters were used (or otherwise that warning's a bit too cautionary).

Anyway, the scale is astounding. This is almost an Unreal engine map in terms of sheer size. Nicely built, although not all areas are consistent in quality, and some of the lighting's a bit rough. And it's easy to egt a bit lost (gold key door especially).

But, the scale and overall quality is great. Excellent work. 
Fucking awesome map.

The whole "difficult" thing is a complete lie. I am surprised aguire let this one out after testing because there are not nearly enough frustrating combats compared to TNJ. In fact anyone who found TNJ playable will loathe this as it will be far too easy in comparison.

For normal players with a sense of perspective, it's excellent. Great designs, ridiculous sense of scale, hilarious and generally very well balanced combats. Never has a grenade launcher and a dozen scrags been so much fun. Also, it encourages interesting tactics in a few places (spatial awareness, cunning lift work). However it was a bit easy later on. On skill 2, I never died, left behind at least 3 YAs, a MH, and various cell and nail packs. And I only found 2 secrets, both of which were great incidentally.

I think the overall highlight was that it used a standard theme, standard monsters, standard weapons, no fancy-assed engine faggotry, and showed just how far Quake design can be pushed in design and gameplay. Loading into E1M5 at the end was both ironic and a nice tribute.

There were a few obvious flaws:

- Skill settings didn't work for me. This is a fresh Aguirequake, I tried a few times and it's always 404 monsters. This is a bloody cock-up really, if it's a general flaw (Lardy says otherwise), you shouldn't be releasing maps of this standard without allowing a broad range of players to experience them.

- The classic "start harder than finish" flaw. The start was quite survivable using the space available and had a good impact, but is probably the crux of the map and the combats, although great fun, don't really escalate from there. The ending is quite weak, with full ammo, full MH and RA, 666 and Quad. Okay a celebratory quad RJ is fun, but this should have been planned better.

- The classic "trim painted onto edges" flaw. This actually irritated me quite a bit as it's everywhere and detracts from otherwise good designs.

Having said that, this map rates right up there with the best. 
Didn't use anything Hipnotic for me, playing with, well, Hipnotic. 
I played normal in aguirquake and had 259 monsters, so skill settings worked for me at least. 
what is "trim painted onto edges", point at pics plz 
Lardarse is realy easy to get on nightmare...think!!! is prety obvious ;) 
Skill Level 
selection seems malfunctioning in the start map (which btw I haven't seen before). Just type skill 0-3 in the console before exiting the start map or the same followed by a restart in the main map.

All skill levels are in effect and have been tested several times in the main map for core functionality. Challenge is always debatable ...

As for SoA monsters/weapons, I don't think there are any. I believe it's the func_spawn stuff that Tronyn needs here. Otherwise this is a classic Q1 romp. 
I meant without dropping the console and typing skill 3...

I didn't see anything which needed SoA, so I assume that func_spawn (whatever it does) is all that is nedeed.

Btw, I used Darkplaces to play it, if that makes the bug-hunting on the start map easier to find. 
Lardarse i didn�t use commands just use the way to the place... 
Very Clever... 
I had to noclip to find it, but then I eventually spotted it...

The buttons didn't work for me, either... I was playing on Skill 1 instead! :-s

No wonder it was so fucking hard!!! 
well like I said, I ran it in your engine forgetting to add -hipntoic, but it still worked fine, 100% kills etc (on normal).

So I dont know if hipnotic is really required. 
Bloody Excellent 
Time: 49:32
Kills: 402/404
Secrets: 3/8

Great work Tronyn, i didn't know if this was ever going to be released, after reading that it would be ready in 2003.

Really great designs, almost felt like a different game by virtue of the huge scale.

For the apprehension i enter with because of your prior warning, i found the difficulty very reasonable. I didn't die once on hard, but i came very close on numerous occasions. I do believe giving just the quad and no pentagram would have made it more challenging and tense.

Some great quad runs on this map, also a welcome thing.

I didn't even know there was a start map, i'm going to go back and check it out.

Thanks for the great map. 
If you ran without -hipnotic, then all the func_spawned monsters (quite a few) must be missing, making for a much easier challenge. In that case, you were lucky not to have progression problems along the way.

If you check the console after startup, you'll probably have a long list of missing monsters warnings ("no spawn function for ..."). Otherwise I don't know, you absolutely need the Hipnotic progs to run this map correctly.

I think the map packs in 215/340/404 monsters so if you had only 259 on Normal, something was definitely wrong. 
Gg On Releasing This! 
it's a damn nice map, and i can't wait to play this again later ^_^

cheers, dude! :D 
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