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Q1 SP - The Rest Is Silence.
At my Qexpo booth I have released my new singleplayer map 'The Rest is Silence.' It's a map that got delayed to the Lost Chapters pack, so you got to have this to play.


zip file (3.18 MB):
7zip file (2.13 MB):
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Nice Map Name 
Downloading ... 
for the 7zip! 
Awesome title. Downloading :) 
Very Nice Map! 
looks awesome, especially the outdoor areas, the towers and all...
gameplay was sweet, as well - not too difficult on hard, due to plenty of ammo throughout the map (almost too much for my taste).
i liked the dropping book shelfs at the end - they made the end fight a little less easy. found only two secrets.

some clip brushes to stop the player from being able to walk on the roofs would have been a good idea, though, and i also noticed some slightly floating flame entities. more droles!!! ;)

some very enjoyable 30 minutes, after all! 
it was sweet. i played on normal and did a quick run. is it supposed to be run like a normal map or together with the chapters addon's progs.dat? because some doors and the lift (i presume) to the gold key didn't work. it could be a worthy addition to the pack. i dig these outdoor areas especially. 
always read the text files first ->
To run this map you must have the 'Lost Chapters' map pack installed.

it's also said in the top post of this topic and in hrim's booth... 

silly me. 
nice level! made in proper knave style, tho in the library area the lighting is a bit bland. otherwise it was fun.

here's my first run: 
V Good 
2/5 secrets, 114/124 kills, half an hour. Felt it was a bit easy, coulda been the difficulty I played it on though. Very nice! 
Some great designs in this, two outdoor areas are awesome and very unreal-like which is good. The Quad in the tower was a fine view.

Gameplay stuck well to the ideals of the Lost Chapters pack, i.e. very hard and not much fun, although this was mostly down to lack of health and lots of annoying sniping monsters rather than the custom monsters which were used pretty fairly. This is apart from the end room which was good fun and much better. 
Nice Work. 
Agreed with most of what has been said, except I found it a tad hard (on hard) and the outside areas were slowing my computer down quite a bit (1500-2600 rspeeds, ouch).
Final area was nice, really didn't expect that boss to pop out, so he grabbed me right away as I jumped into the exit portal, hehe. 
Skill settings are very much in effect, so try a different skill if it doesn't feel right. If you're using FitzQuake, make sure to add the -heapsize 48000 option, otherwise the outside areas will be really choppy. 
Quite Nice Map 
with the last outdoor area being a highlight. I too got quite a slowdown in the outside areas though.

Combat was tough, new monsters were used very well. But I hate fighting fiends and hellknights in cramped areas, especially when they are on each side of a doorway. 
Well Done Hrimfaxi 
Very nice map overall, with some nice, original texturing. The goldkey area would be the best, nice tentacle making.

Gameplay was pretty good overall, but i found the sheer amount of sniping hell-knights to be a bit annoying.

The end was pretty good, Vermis was well used. When i saw the fiends spawn in after hitting the button, i was pretty sure Vermis would appear after hitting the second button. So i tried jumping immediatly down and hitting the button to see if Vermis would fight with the fiends. It turns out Vermis will hit the fiends and anger them, but the fiends can't hurt Vermis. Odd. It would have been kinda amusing to see two fiends kill Vermis.

I got an odd error once picking up the gold key. Certain sections of the map, the textures turned black with white splotches. Really odd error, don't know what caused it. 
great map :) very nice brushwork in and outside. Gameplay was very good and progressed well all the way until the vermis.

i'm sorry but that combat was just not good at all. the arena the vermis was in was way too small and i even ran out of ammo fighting it. Far better would have been to have alcoves open up on the bottom floor with ammo caches in them to incite the player to move around. as it is, since there is no ammo to pick up, you just stand in one place shooting and ducking until you run out of ammo, or, ever worse, go to the top floor and attack unimpeded.
the second floor should have been blocked off since the vermis can't hit you at all when you're up there. 
Great map! Both visuals and gameplay are very good. Lots of fun gameplay situations. Outdoor areas were teh best ones.

This map made me don't want to finish my own knave map... 
for all your comments!

neg!ke: I did have clipbrushes over the rooftops under construction, but that was for keeping clipnodes down.
At the end I removed the clipbrushes because I'm sure that I would have gotten some complaints if the speedrunners and other players couldn't jump and go where they wantet.

Thanks for the demo Vondur.

Yeah the outdoor areas give some/a lot of a slowdown 8-/, thats the price in Quake for building these large open arena like places, sorry to all the players with older machines.
I'll try to hold back on the to large open in the future (although not in the map I'm building right now, it has an even larger open area).

Fun that some players says that hard is a little to easy and other says it is to hard, I seem to have hit it right in the middle.

PuLSaR I'm looking forward to see your knave map. Knowing your other releases I'm sure it is really good! (Don't loose your Phait! 8-))

What engine did you get that GK error in? 
Fitzquake 0.8 
I'll Get The Lost Chapters Tonight 
installed so I can play your map and finish that episode. I'm certain your map deserves a good go around. 
Are you sure it wasn't FQ 0.75? It sounds awfully like the old skybox bug, as "black with white splotches" might be the stars skybox. 
It was definetly version 0.80, just re-checked. 
I finally found time to download and play tris (this means I finally download Lost Chapter as well... ;P ...)... As the others said, the map is very good: nice architecture design and texturing, good gameplay and lightning effects... I will look forward for your next map for sure... good work ;) 
G'day mate, even though I'm not Aussie.

I want to play this map, but I'm having a hard time finding quality time for gameplaying lately. If I don't post comments later, I just want to say thanks for finishing a map and letting everyone play it; that deserves special commendations in and of itself; even though I am a wee bit tipsy. 
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