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Quake II: Lost Marine QuakeCon Build Released
The first singleplayer release of this Doom 3 MOD that brings Quake II to the Doom 3 engine and does actually look decent. Website and some screenshots are at

Download Link #1:
Download Link #2:;45901

Note that this MOD requires Doom 3 to be patched to version 1.3
Isn't that called Quake 4? 
NO, this is actually a Doom 3 MOD. 
It's a pretty faithful reconstruction of Base1 & 2. The new GFX improve some parts of it. The weapons models are good, the shotty is particularly faithful.


It's too dark and too contrasty. Lots of harsh pitchblack shadows - doesn't look right.

The noises are jarring, as if they've been boosted too high.

There's no damage/item pick-up feedback.

The enemy models look nothing like Q2.

In the first map alone I encountered a door with no way to get past, two laser grids with no way to get past and a turret with no way to get past. Second map also full of laser nonsense. 
They say they don't want to recreate Q2, but instead just use Base1 and 2. 
Jago: I was making the obvious joke regarding bringing Quake2 to the D3 engine. 
A question relative to Shambler's message, did you ever figure out how to get past the lazer grids? If anyone did I would love to know!
Sorry For Digging Out This Old Thread But... 
... does anyone remember this mod?
The password for the locked extra content of the mod seems to be lost. Is there anyone out there who still knows it? I'm searching for it for years. 
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