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Music Thread.
I thought a trio of themed threads about other entertainment media might be good. If you're not interested, please just ignore the thread and pick some threads that interest you from here:

Anyway, discuss music...
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classic, and with 8 signatures they're sure to do the public's bidding 
right now i am listening to Funkstorung - Appetite for Disctruction... but its a 45 and i'm listening on 33. it sounds cooler that way, you can hear the detailed crunchiness.

Klute - Lie, Cheat and Steal, as shambler said, is t3h r0x0r.
London Elektricity - Funky, Orchestrated, Dancefloor DnB
Soul:R Recordings - Soul:ution Pt. 3 - the best in funky dnb
Calibre - Hold Back - sex. on. legs.
high contrast - basement track
influx datum - take my

Tipper - Holding Path. oh my fucking god this album rocks!!!
The Streets

Ambient Buttcore/IDM:
Speedranch vs. Janskynoise
Venetian Snares
Mu-Ziq - Bilious Paths
electric birds
afx - melodies from mars

Funk and Soul:
David Holmes - new mix cd
Classic Salsoul Mastercuts
Elza Soares
Quincy Jones
Roy Ayers
Lalo Schifrin
Mark Farina
Mr. Scruff

Carl Cox - Want a Life
primate records
drumcode records
bush records
marco carola
bryan zentz
ben sims
beyer and lenk!

boink boink 
Dark Musik 
did you know dead can dance ??? 
Yes We Do, Here 
and it rocks 
I suggest you Listen to Kirkorov and Boris Moiseev. They are sweet 
who are they? tell me more! i'm intrigued. 
Its very dark music. You know, the kind that makes you want to stab yourself in the face, tear off ears and jump into the bottomless pit. 
Is it healthy to be listen to They're Coming to Take Me Away by Lard, over and over again?

The worms in my brain are complaining, you see. Got a good trump song to drive it out? 
Dead can dance isn't dark at all.
I've listened to them a fair amount, if we're thinking the same group then they're more of a light folk/world/ambient act.

gothic/punk/industrial in the 1970s:
Joy Division (influential on such diverse 90's acts as Nirvana, Radiohead and NIN)

try skinny puppy: they're very dark and eccentric. however, they might be a bit too weird for anyone who isn't fully into industrial music. 
Ah, Tronyn 
I believe they were talking about Kirkorov and Boris Moiseev. 
I m not agree with you , this is note suicide-music !
Listen "how to fortunate the man with none" I love this requiem 
...if you want some really nice chillout/ambient (sorry vondur not dark and evile) then I can heartily recommend:

Tipper - Surrounded (Myutopia)

Not breaks as his usually stuff is, just very nice mellow downtempo stuff.

And other music ideas...

Killjoy: Used to be a big man in the later era of the gabber scene here in the UK, sometime partner of the mighty DJ Producer and owner (I think) of Deathchant records. Tried a recent CD of his and it is some weird shit.

Vondur: Thanks to the Russian I now have some proper dark ambient - R|A|A|N - The Nacrasti (Malignant Antibody), very good dark droning.

Fatty: I had the Lard album with that on LOL. Didn't Lard end up vaguely related to Ministry or something?? I remember lyrics about pulling out ones teeth as the goverment were hiding data transmitters in your fillings... 
Buggered If I Know 
Maybe Jello Biafra played with 'em once, but I do recall an interview which said that the "lyrics" for Jesus Built My Hotrod were done by Gibbie Hayes from the Butthole Surfers. And I know that said "Gibbying" is exactly the same as in "Some Dispute Over T-Shirt Sales" off Independent Worm Saloon. 
There's Actually Someone Named Gibbie? 
yay hip and cool 
Gibbie Or Gibby, I Can't 'member. 
And I'm too lazy to look it up. 
Interesting Ambient Electronic Stuff

This woman needs to do the soundtrack to Doom 3 and Quake IV. 
Some nice chillout rhythms and bleeps and bits there.

But perhaps a bit too groovy and not evile enough for D3....ask Vondur, he will advise on such areas. 
I agree that someone like this could do a very good soundtrack if requested. After all it's definitely a good genre and combination of sounds. 
Too Much Metal 4 Me 
not a single ppls mentioned rap
thing with hiphop and rap is that if you search underground stuff there is much more quality than other genres. at least for me.

but if you like idm/ambient techno type stuff like boards of canada, then you should check out:

prefuse 73
anti-pop consortium - Arrhythmia
zion i
cannibal ox
jedi mind tricks
deep puddle dynamics
To Go With... seeing the matrix films recently, two matrix themed tracks, both kick some serious arse:

)E|B( - Bullet Time

Hive - Neo

The latter was actually commissioned for Reloaded but not used which to be honest is a crime against humanity, this would have pissed all over the tired RATM nonsense at the end. 
You Mean 
the song that suspiciously sounded like people yelling WACHOWSKI, WACHOSWKI, WACHOSWKI! 
I Don't Know... ears switched off then...

 the same way my brain had switched off two hours previously.

That Hive Track Is Ferocious 
/me likes.

Hive's album Devious Methods is killer too. 
Where?? Gimme gimme!!

And what the hell happened to UFO!'s album too?? 
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