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Music Thread.
I thought a trio of themed threads about other entertainment media might be good. If you're not interested, please just ignore the thread and pick some threads that interest you from here:

Anyway, discuss music...
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Just Some Crap 
ok, filter out the cheesy tiesto stuff and there's some good tech trance (if they still have 3 monkeys - crazy). btw,they're ripped but you're ok if you then buy the vinyl on

btw, i listen to a lot of jazz and rock.

a good cd...hmmm...
global communication (the album has no name, it's comm. tom middleton and another guy for anyone who knows jedi and/or cosmos) 
Global Communication... 
....bloody good =) 
they are weird.

The Way (Secret Ingredients mix) is a rocking deep house/ tech house tune. whereas their albums are mellow ambient stuff! 
And Other Stuff 
tweaker -
chris vrenna, did the music to Alice, although this stuff is of a very diff mood, but still good

just my little donation there 
A Good Donation 
I might have a look at that....Alice music is wicked. 
tweaker is cool, and nonentity used the album tatatu for a map name i believe 
Thud Thud Thud 
Surprisingly enough I still listen to Drum'n'Bass =). Bought a few things in the last week:

)E|3( - Shot Down On Safari - hmmm quite cheesy DnB anthems, feels like BC are losing their bite despite a few good tracks. Great inlay tho!

Klute - Lie, Cheat & Steal - haven't listened yet but from what I heard in the shop it sounded great, deep, trancy, DnB.

Various - The Four Elements - Renegade Hardware comp, returning to form after some weaker comps. Very good dark techish DnB for the first half but gets a bit tedious later on.

I've also been listening to Loftgroover presents Speedcore (mighty hard gabber), Contaminated Vol3 (rabid deathmetal) and LSG (forget which album, nice trippy trance).

On the subject of music can anyone recommend me some good recent thrash/death metal?? Something heavy, bassy and methodical, not all rabid and chopped up... I used to like Bolt Throwever, Entombed, Baphomet, earlier Pantera, Ministry etc if it helps... 
Yeah Shambs 
can anyone recommend me some good recent thrash/death metal??

Ask Bal for fuck.mp3. 
Anyone With Any Useful Suggestions? 
I have narrowed my search down to a few ideas

Arch Enemy - Wages Of Sin
Benediction - Grind Bastard
Beserker - Dissolution
Bolt Thrower - Honour Valour Pride
Impaled Nazarene - Abscence Of War
Mortician - Darkest Day Of Horror
Suffocation - Despise The Sun

It seems what I am after is perhaps more grindcore than deathmetal. Any comments on the artists listed or any other ideas?? 
Nile - In Their Darkened Shrines 
I havent heard that one... I enjoyed Black Seeds of Vengeance, and Amongst the Catacombs of the Nephren Ka was okay, not as good as BSofV in my opinion, but track 5 Ramses Bringer of War is nice in that the opening is reminiscent of the war ships in Mario3 =)

How does In Their Darkened Shrines compare to BSoV and Nephren Ka ? 
try slipknot 
Igi-Nu Do-A-Hul Igi-Se-Zid-Gin 
I haven't heard the entirety of either of their two previous albumns, but it is my understanding that in terms of overall style, ITDS is much more furious and intense.

Other recommendations
Morbid Angel - Formulas Fatal to the Flesh
Hate Eternal - King of all Kings
God Dethroned - Ravenous 
i like the good ol normal metal. with at least some melody and music involved.

mind you, i am guilty of making dance music with rather little melody and a lot of beats...

anyone a fan of megadeth? 
i was crazy megadeth fanatic back in 88-90
"so far, so good, so what..." was and is my fave megadeth cd! :)
their later stuff didn't impress me much since i switched to more brutal things like black metal, etc... 
Thanks for the suggestion of Nile, I've heard several tracks on John Peel but they didn't quite grab me, I respect what they do but....I'm not so sure about the archaic vibe.

Anyway today I got Arch Enemy and Bezerker. Not listened to them all but so far:

AE - good strong melodies and pace, but lacking bass, also growly vocals don't go so well with melodic leads.

Bezerker - haphazard and mindless noise, little rhythm and the guitars get lost in all the sloppy beats.

Von: Naaaa,I'd rather have something a bit more....less nu-metal. Anything else you can think of?? 
well, i can only recommend my current favourite metal bands: type o negative, fear factory, cathedral, my dying bride. these, plus some black metal bands are ones i only listen to these days.
btw, there will be new type o album released june 16th :) can't wait for it. 
I've not heard of nearly any of the bands you mention.

Recently I've bought:

Cold: 13 Ways to Bleed On Stage
Frank Sinatra: 2 Cd collection
Taproot: Welcome
Nine Inch Nails: The Downward Spiral
Lennon Murphy: 5:30 Saturday Morning
Primus: Pork Soda
Korn: Life Is Peachy 
Some Others For Shambler 
Satyricon - Volcano
Enslaved - Frost

These two bands are more black metal than death metal, but still definetly worth your time. 
volcano sucks, this is their worst cd, it's better to get their old stuff like 'the shadowthrone' 
But not into black really. I appreciate but not my style, I prefer something crunchier, bassier, maybe more industrial.

Will think about FF... 
Although i do believe the Shadowthrone is their finest acheivement, Volcano is the closest they've come to a more tradiotional sounding metal, so i thought it would be more interesting to someone not attenuated to black metal. 
uhm, yeah 
These Are Some Of My Favorite Artists... 
This might be a long post. Let's get started. Listed in no particular order. The best of the best are italicized. Weblinks where possible.

- Banco de Gaia -
- Shpongle -
- The Orb -
- Future Sound of London / Amorphous Androgynous -
- DJ Cheb i Sabbah -
- Shakatura -
- Pink Floyd
- Ozric Tentacles - - these guys totally rock, it's psychedelic progressive techno space rock or something

- Synaesthesia/Delerium -
- Ishq -
- Entheogenic - can't find a webpage so here's an album review:
- Nodens Ictus (ambient side project of the Ozric Tentacles, see above)
- Mystical Sun -

- Indian Ropeman - no webpage again, have a review link:
- Lemon Jelly -
- Massive Attack - (good stuff but their latest album is boring as hell if you ask me)
- DJ Shadow -
- Moby -
- Boards of Canada -

Aphex Twin
(Hmm that's a pretty obvious and weak IDM list. If anybody can suggest good artists in the genre I'd be much obliged.)

harder industrial/techno/metal
Speedy J -
Front Line Assembly -
Nine Inch Nails -
Tool -

progressive, breakbeat, Drum & Bass
Underworld -
Fluke -
Sasha -
John Digweed -
Satoshi Tomiie
Deep Dish
Sander Kleinenberg
(see for the last 5, and other similar dj's)
Hybrid -
Plump DJ's -
LTJ Bukem -
Goldie -
Hive -

psychedelic/goa trance
Hallucinogen (
Astral Projection
Eat Static (
Pleiadians / Etnica (
Growling Mad Scientists - (a tiny selection, but hey it's free)
Rabbit in the Moon -
Juno Reactor -

That took a really long time to compile. 
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