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First Nexuiz Custom Map!
I've just finished the first nexuiz ( ) custom map, it's already on a few servers so it's worth downloading.

alt download:

I know it's got some problems, so I'm releasing a pro_ pack soon.
how does one make maps for this doohickey? 
"it's already on a few servers so it's worth downloading."

this has nothing to do with quality, only popularity (for more illustrations, please see Britney Spears, George Bush's reelection, and dm4)

no screenshots? 
I think he just means it's worth having so you can connect to servers that run it. 
BTW - I've had a lot of problems connecting to servers for Nexuiz - mainly ping. The lowest pinged servers are like 80, but run like shit.
Is this normal or is there a setting to lower this or what? 
Most nexuiz servers suck, you really have to try to find a good one. 
Nexuiz uses quake 3 bsp, so you can use anything that would make maps for quake 3. 
Good Map 
I played the map. Good layout.

Hope you make more. 
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