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Quake Expo 2003
note: this was posted by FrikaC over at Inside 3D, i thought it would be useful for us here as i know a number of you are planning to hopefully release stuff, and also to have a thread for Qexpo 2003 here. Its all his stuff, i am just copying and pasting and being of service. I suggest you contact him (FrikaC) directly with any questions you have. [UWF]

4/26/03 18:57
Quake Expo 2003: The Plan

The projected time period of the event is July 6th thru July 12th, 2003.

The site and booths will be hosted on

The site design will be selected by nane, designer of the original site. He has a few choices to choose from, but I suspect he will choose his own (new) design.

The booth script is being done by SantaClaws. I am relying on you Santa, wherever you are, I would like a report of your progress.

The event will focus on Quake 1 and Quake 1 based games exclusively.

This so far is all that has been decided.
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both sites are nice, even if the techy look is not very suitable for quake event.

necros : I was also inspired by sysshock, but I think quake gameplay is too different and setting a scenerio similar to shock in a quake map could not work, mostly because of the players mentality. 
both sites are nice, even if the techy look is not very suitable for quake event.

necros : I was also inspired by sysshock, but I think quake gameplay is too different and setting a scenerio similar to shock in a quake map could not work, mostly because of the players mentality. 
i was thinking of doing something like that map for quake which i don't remember the name to. the one where you wake up to fix something on your ship, then go back to sleep, only to wake up again when everything is going to hell.

or a bit like that Hl map Darkstar. 
You Mean This One? 
That's The One! 
what a great map. :) 
Hell In A Can 
How Does One Obtain Maps? 
QExpo is fast approaching, and I'm running out of time. Is anyone here interested in mapping for any of these 3 TCs?



Battle Mech:

Please e-mail me at . I check my mail at least once a week (it would be daily but I'm out of college and don't have net access at home, too expensive in the desert).

Battle Mech and Soldat are the ones needing maps the most. All galactix really needs is skyboxes, and maybe some models for boss ships. 
Soldat will by far be the easiest to map for. It's 2D (essentially) and has a very simple system.

And sorry that the boosters aren't enabled in the test map. I forgot to take out the grapple hook and change it to boosters for the test release.

You can e-mail me or post here. Though I doubt anyone will be interested. :( 
I Could Give Soldat A Shot, 
although, when i played a version you had uploaded, there were some really strange things, like the monsters not being able to shoot the player, monsters not waking up unless shot, the player model being half the size normal...

if anything, make the player back to normal size, and i'll take a shot at mapping for soldat. i've always wanted to do a sidescroller map. 
Visit for descriptions of the mods.

Also, I just remembered that Soldat's movement code is borked at the moment. It will be much better in the future.

Sorry for the unprecidented triple post. 
Thanks. The problem with the player size is, that's the size he needs to be relative to the camera. If I make him bigger and zoom out more, the cam is too far back to hear sounds loud enough anymore. :( I'll work on that though. Maybe there's a better way around.

Another thing: If you try walking up to a wall, the right and top sides of the bounding box are too large. Another side affect of being too small.

Yea, the monsters aren't searching for the player yet. That player you see on the screen is actually a dummy player, where the real player is invisible so that the qc code can test his movements, interpret what keys are being pressed, and then hack the movement onto the "puppet" on the play field. It's really quite a miracle that it all works. :)

I'll work on the player size. It's the source of a lot of grief...

Play the original Soldat if you get the chance. It's a great game and it will help you to get a feel for what the maps are like (and what game options are available). 
I would honestly be interested in helping you out, but I'm just too busy with other maps right now. :( 
can i suggest:

make all the sounds have a lower attenuation. (just set the attn_static, attn_normal (or whatever) constants to a number smaller than 1 (0.3) that will enable you to hear them from further away.)

then reset the player's size. zoom out.

part of my gripe with the player's size is that it's so far out, that you can't make out any details of the player, and seem very detached from the game... i would actually prefer if the player were regular size at the current camera distance... 
Wow, Very Good 
the mod really captures the feel of the real thing. I disagree about the player size complaint, i think it makes it feel all the more soldat-y. The weapons are very good, though I would prefer it if the M79 wasnt affected by gravity quite so much. The Spas-12 was very good especially.

The player had a lot of problems jumping i found...there was a delay, and I couldnt jump while moving. Also, where's the jetpack and the commando rolls? :)

In general though, very cool, very different feel to most mods. I'd be interested in mapping for Soldat, and if you want any skins/textures/artwork doing, then i'd like that even more :) 
Thanks All 
I'll work on the player size and see what I can do. Thanks for the suggestions!

The jetpack is missing because I was playing around with a grappling hook, and forgot to change it back to booster. :) The commando rolls and crouching aren't in there yet. I need to find a model with those frames.

Jumping is all screwed up, mostly because there's not a single bit of sense put into the way MOVETYPE_WALK is done in most engines for non-players. If I try to use movetype_walk, the movement works a bit better but bullets stop hitting the player (he becomes non-solid?!), and if I use the hacky bouncy movetype_step system you see now, well... Jumping becomes horrid. I'll have to work on that.

Thanks for the comments.

I've also been working on Battle Mech. I made my own high-r_speeds CTF map and I'm proudly embarrased about it. ;)

RPG: it's understandable. I won't hold it against you (I'm trying to not be like a coder in that respect ;D I'm learning). 
Its Getting Closer 
r u ready for teh QEXOP tookeythree ?
It is evile and stuff, and chances are this will be the last ever

schedule for Qexpo 2003.

Maybe we want some events and compos?

And you can check for amusing cheap scandal (some coders demanded they include q2 in qexpo) 
That q2 thing was pathetic. I'm really glad Ender came along or we'd probably be enemies forever, even though noone else from the q2 community was involved. ;)

I'd love to see some speed modding events! And maybe another 100 brush or 200 brush competition.

My only fear about QExpo coming so quickly is I still need maps for Bmech. But beyond that, I'm ready for it to happen today. Like Christmas. :) 
Just In Case Someone's Still Unaware... 
FrikaC posted this over at Inside3D:

Go to to sign up for a booth, (on the left side bar, under Account). Do it. Do it now, timesa wasting folks. There's like 5 days left. 
hope i am allowed a booth :o 
This is a thread concerning the schedule
for the expo...although you dont HAVE to follow it, its just a suggestion: 
Hi guys.
I'd like to release MisSP1, but it's impossible due to both, mine and its suckage, so I'll just release a smalish and sucking q1dm map =)

12 days for MisSP1 is too small, you have to wait for Quake Expo 2004 =) 
You Blow Goats Misyu 
My Plans For Quake Expo 2003: 
I'm not doing anything for it. 
You Bastard! 
... ;) 
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