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The Lost Chapters
info and screenshots:

direct download 15.5mb:
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that is definatly an engine specific bug...
i have no idea what that is...

the only solution i can make is to use fitzquake, as we have tested it the most on that engine, or normal glquake/software quake. 
Nice Work... 
Cheers to everyone else involved, great job by Kell on pulling this all together.

I actually liked the new monsters. I thought that the Drole might have too large of a splash radius with his attack, but that's my only gripe.

Start map was very nicely done, very non-standard in its layout style.

Vondur's map was large amounts of goodness, as i suspected it may be. A fun fight with Chthon is a rare thing indeed.

Kell's main maps were pretty decent, with "Lucifer" being the real winner. The new monsters really mopped the floor with me on these maps.

Necros' map seem to run slowly on my computer. I'm not that big of a fan of the horde combat presented. First area looked really nice, but after that the quality went down.

I liked Zwiffle's map. Nice, claustrophobic place monsters placed to cause maximum amounts of headaches. I died many times on one of the ambushes near the end.

Eric had some good ideas. I think keeping that he would have been better off concentrating on making a whole level in the style of just on half of the level.

I didn't realize how plain my map was until i played the other maps. Well, back to the drawing board. 
I think the plainness of your map was because you expended brushes on trimming the flagstones with the limestone kceil0 texture; that's how my knave maps look, but I don't usually use extra brushes to construct it ( that's how I could get away with it in 'He Falls Like Lucifer' without exceeding 1666 ) and you also used plenty brushes for the non-prefab arches in the central room.
These were both attractive and welcome architectural choices imo, and it's clear your solid brushwork is the foundation for some fine mapping now that you're free of my tyrannical brushlimit.
I'm looking forward to seeing what you map next. 
^^^ Agree with that last paragraph - Ionuous, you've made a well good start with mapping, definitely good potential there. 
The JoeQuake model issue seems to be caused by the interpolation code. Just disable smooth animations in video menu. It appears local for JoeQuake as other engines with model interpolation (NehQuake, DP, Tomaz) have no obvious problems.

Interesting effect, though; the corpse model is slowly zoomed in from infinity to the real position and size. 
Mandel, that was very cool!

Thanks Kell, Necros et al. I rather enjoyed this.

Start level was excellent - with places one couldn't get to (normally) providing added perspective. Great technique, which I'll be adopting.

Kell and Vondur served up some fresh 'contract' work but I must admit to enjoying Eric's level immensely (even though it didn't really evoke 'contract') - necropolis floating in a void, shadowy environs, shambler by firelight, yum!

Zwiffle's was much more enjoyable with the right progs.dat :)

Ionous' level reminded me of Leviathan's style... though with more detail and proper lighting.

The construction of the end level was impressive. Let me guess, Kell made the level as new then necros went in and crumbled it. Fantastic! Pity about the bland lighting.

Vorelings sleeping under ammo boxes, priceless. I agree with Ionous about Drole splash damage. Wonderful anims though. That other thing... bleh!

All in all, yay and hugs all round. 
Very astute of you... 
And To Shambler And Kell 
Thanks for the kind words. I've been at this for approaching five years now ( Around the time Nehahra came out ), and it's taken me a RIDICULOUSLY large amount of time to start to become decent at it. 
To Kell... 
Do you plan on releasing an updated .fgd file so we can use Vermis in our maps? 
Absolutely. I wanted to have an updated mapping tutorial and .fgd/.def already done for the mysteries page, but there are a few other bits and pieces to add to them and I wasn't going to delay release for that.
In the meantime, it's easy enough to modify your own .fgd/.def by adding monster_vermis
This is what the entry looks like for our chpaters.def:

/*QUAKED monster_vermis (1 0 0) (-64 -64 -448) (64 64 256) AMBUSH x x x x SPAWNSILENT DELAYSPAWN SPAWNALERT NOEASY NOMEDIUM NOHARD NODM
Huge Worm Monster
3000 Health Points

the monster will only wake up on
really seeing the player, not another
monster getting angry

0 = normal skin ( default )
1 = void darkness
2 = slime glow
3 = lava glow


I can't offer an .fgd entry atm since neither necros nor I use WC/Hammer, but it shouldn't be too hard to add the appropriate information to your own. 
you can have the vermis start in both the down or up position.

if set to '1', will cause the vermis to start 'down' and rise up when it has been awakened.
if set to '0', will spawn already up, and will awake on sight.
Mostly Awesome! 
I really really like "He Falls Like Lucifer". Kell should make more maps! OTOH, if they have lots of polyps in rooms containing patches of lava, maybe not...

(Although I get masses of "out of edges for bmodel" messages in the centre of he falls like lucifer).

Generally, a fine pack with all maps average or better! 
BModel Edges 
This WinQuake warning seems to be caused by a large func_illusionary beneath that map. Maybe it's too big or gets split up by many solids due to its position. 
Crash Bug 
Obviously, you guys couldnt have tested on every engine, but would anyone have any idea why the pack freezes in MHQuake when I jump into any portal in the start map to select which level I want to play? 
Is this like any normal mod where you drop into a folder and play? Or are there special EXE's supplied that you need to use? If it's drop-in-and-play, I can play it on my Powerbook when I'm bummin' around downstairs. 
I had that same problem on the original Contract Revoked, which is what pushed me onto Fitzquake. I've been on it since. 
nitin: I was going to suggest it was elements within the progs related to the start map, but if Ionous also had problems with Contract ( which had no custom progs ) then I dunno. Really, use FitzQuake, you won't regret it ;)

Phait: no special exes are supplied with the download, just your regular subdir in /quake, though given the number of problems with other engines so far, the fitzquake080.exe comes highly recommended. 
FQ should be *the* standard for map playing. 
once metl releases the new version :)

I'm too used to smoth anims to go back to non-interpolated engines I guess. 
The non-smooth animations bug me a lot about Fitz. It's OK I guess. 
I Agree Totally 
It's hideous with no model interpolation, I can't understand how people can actually look at it, it's just to shakey, jerky looking for me. I to await the next FQ release, but until then I'm happy to stick with the earlier version of nglquake that I have been using for now for years. But even then I fear that the muffled sound that most engines have (compared to nglquake) will hold me back. Only time will tell 
could you send me this old version of nglquake if it looks identical (or can be tweaked) to glquake except with smooth animations? 
Yes, I'll send it to you now.

As for MHQuake, I just tried the latest version, and it worked fine for me with Chapters, (I only played a bit into a map with it) the only problem for me is it wouldn't allow me to use 1600x1200. 
Just Finished It 
Congratulations to all involved; this turned out to be well-rounded pak that gave me many hours of enjoyment.

The custom elements were all of a high standard, although I felt the Drole's missiles were a bit too powerful and the Polyp was even more fatal than the regular spawn. The Voreling was a perfectly balanced enemy though, and constantly kept me on my toes without being frustrating.

Kell's Lucifer map was the highlight for me, being one of the most cleverly designed and connected Quake maps I've played, and is probably the definitive example of maximising gameplay within a fixed brushlimit (and looking damn good as well).

Kell's other map ties nicely with Vondur's for second place; both are great maps which I will no doubt be visiting again. Bonus points to Vondur for the sneaky Chthon cameo ^_~

The others all deserve a mention; Necros' was fun with the obligatory horde combat, but ultimately seemed a little rushed. Eric had a great concept, but I felt the gameflow wasn't very intuitive. Zwiffle got the essential Contract look down, but I needed a bit more room to move around. Ionous' was rather plain, but it had a good foundation for a first-time mapper.

The boss map was great - reminding me of Am McGee's Alice, and the Vermis monster was extremely cool.

Well done :) 
It works absolutely perfectly fine in GLQuake. And I disagree with Necros. 
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