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Lun3dm4: "Pull Your Socks Up"
Though there is no mention of it on either of his webpages, Lunaran assures me he has just released lun3dm4, "Pull Your Socks Up," for Q3DM and CPMA. It looks nice.

CPMA mod:
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Just had a quick play, and it was good fun even with just a bot for an opponent. Love the MH > YA jump.

One of the best things about this map: instantly understandable layout. 
the screenshot was done by Lunaran standing in 1 spot, and taking a bunch of screenshots every few degrees turning, and then photochopping them together 
i like that word. 
Oh Yeah! 
nice stuff, bots kicked my ass on this...
it`s been a while since i last played Q3 though,
so i might, and probably do, suck 
Didn`t RPG do the brushwork for this? 
RPG became inundated with school and bowed out allowing Lun to do the brushwork. Collaboration between RPG and Lun on a future project is likely. 
Shut Up RPG! 
a RPG/Lun collaboration sounds good actually, get mapping! ;) 
Nice. Looks good and tempts me to finish off a few side projects. :) 
Awesome work, this certainly is one of the better pieces of work released by anyone for some time. Congrats! 
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