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Lun3dm4: "Pull Your Socks Up"
Though there is no mention of it on either of his webpages, Lunaran assures me he has just released lun3dm4, "Pull Your Socks Up," for Q3DM and CPMA. It looks nice.

CPMA mod:
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a f*cking fantasticly fun map I must say
1v1 promode is fantastic, I`ve had some really fun battles in this one since I first got it

`eres a screenie of the 1st one

And lun3dm4 rocks too :D. 
Said It Already 
this map rocks. q3jdm9a and this are by far the best releases in half a year or something :) 
Very nice map, well done. 
The destroyed tower looks great.

You can use one of the red lights to jump out of the (other wise) dead-end with the MH, and another one makes for a quick path from the GL to the LG. Is that intentional? 
I really like the openess of the layout, definately not the usual industrial atrium.
The defunct metal theme is great: lots of neat lil details and stuff.
And crows - anything with crows is cool :) 
peek around, theres alot more than just 2 shortcuts like that 
How was the screenshot done? 
With a highly dedicated set of munchkins and a Hoe Rotary Press. 
"Though there is no mention of it on either of his webpages"

I thought I saw it mentioned on ?

Sweet map btw. 
Mentioned, Yes 
He did indeed mention it. He just didn't provide a download link. 
Wouldn't doubt it. 
The Fact That It Was Released Was Not Mentioned. 
only the fact that it was coming soon. 
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