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Screenshots & Betas
This is the place to post screenshots of your upcoming masterpiece and get criticism, or just have people implore you to finish it. You should also use this thread to post beta versions of your maps.

Need a place to host your screenshots? Upload them here:
Username: quaketastic
Password: ZigguratVertigoBlewTronynsSocksOff
File size limit is 128MB.
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I have had a very quick bash and so far it looks decent enough. I died a couple of times and I will give some proper impressions when I can properly play it...

Is this your first map? 
Will Check 
I will try your map out when I get the tomorrow! :) 
Ad_e1m3 Beta 
Looks nice :-) More boxes of ammunition, please. For players like me who save bad ammo. 
Yea first q1 map, I've done small maps for Q2 before 1500-2000 brush limit (quark + q2 does not mix well). So the extended limits/engine is a little bit overwhelming at this point :)

More ammo yes, demos would be very helpful 
First demo: First run...dying at SNG trap

Second demo: Completed on Skill 1 with 3/5 secrets.

First off let me say this is beyond impressive. This is how a remix map should be. It felt like an entirely new swampy dungeon map but sometimes I would say to myself: "Hey, this reminds me of the necropolis!"

Visuals are fantastic, sound, atmosphere...just all great. I personally did not see glaring visual or sound notch!

-Got stuck on a slope near the start where some shells are will see in the demo. There is a sound load error (wood13?) in the demo as well.

- SNG trap is FAR too quick to punish, that needs to be twice as slow in my opinion...even when I knew where the button was I almost died!

-Ammo is a bit scarce at the start and I though I was being pretty gracious with the use of the ax. I found the overall difficulty on skill 1 to be quite challenging...could have passed for a skill 2 in my opinion. honestly, that's all of the issues I could see...although I am not sure what the ring key did...wonder if I missed a super secret!

-Make the exit teleport a func_illusionary so Ranger doesn't start swimming before he exits. ;)

-Be sure to add some neat info_intermission spots...AD can have more than one and can be cycled through!

+ That dark choir that from Duke Nukem? It sounds so familiar.

+ Lovely lighting, use of breakables are well implemented and inter-connectivity is full-fledged. I got a bit lost but I always ended up where I needed to be.

+Like the secrets, missed two and I wonder how to reach that circular pool behind the bars!

This makes me motivated that I have a LOT to learn when it comes to making maps. The amount of polish of this beta is outstanding in my opinion. Good job and looking forward to the release! 
Forgot To Mention 
Sorry, forgot to mention one more thing:

Developer 1 on console will show any little errors that may be present.

windgust5.wav is not a looping sound.

Sometimes got a message that the particle limit of 1024 was too low...could be because I was noclipping.

That circular pool is where I was scratch that. ;) 
Impressive map, check your mail! 
This map is *A*W*E*S*O*M*E* !

My only complain, is the darkchoir.wav sound which I didn't even noticed in the game. Maybe it should be louder ? 
Glorious Necropolis 
Here is a beta of my AD remix of e1m3
Wow! that is an amazing looking map, such crazy cool details everywhere. My feedback is part of the MFX mail, I think! :D

BTW, please remix E1M4 as well!?! :D 
5 tries and still didn't finish it.

Ammo is scarce as already mentioned. I think you shouldn't rely on people finding everything hidden behind breakables.

Half of the times I couldn't see what I'm shooting at. Dark corners was shooting me, so I shot back.

There was some clip brush (I guess) between some platform and a wall, that made it look like I'm walking on air. Can't describe the place, but it is in the demo.

Difficulty felt quite hard.

Don't have anything else atm. Going to wait for the next version, so I could still have a first run of the rest of the map.

Here is my demos. Hope it helps. 
Love This Community 
Thank you so much for all the feedback, I have a pile of demos to review now. Although just by reading the comments I can tell the map is way too hard.

That is the problem of playtesting solo since you know everything, "oh this isn't so bad you just pick up these 2 secrets, avoid that shambler and go here!"

Bloughsburgh I don't know where the darkchoir.wav is originally from, I picked it up from a Q2 map. It says volume is capped at "1", can I make it go louder somehow?

I think, as you mention, a clear path is needed with the required weaponry and items to complete the map on skill 1. Then skill 2 can be the extra challenge.

sock, yes the feedback is in the mail, and man e1m4 is such a great map.. don't get me started, my wife will divorce me :)

Will start going through demos now, thanks to all of you, I'm looking carefully at your feedback. 
Oh Oh Oh 
Got an error message while loading the map: Mod_LoadBrushModel maps/ad_e1m3.bsp has wrong version number (844124994 should be 29)

I am sad.... :( 
Haha JPL 
get the latest Quakespasm or fitzmark5, this is a bsp2 map. 
Suggestion To Giftmacher 
The final boss room don't allow exploration of the rest of the map. I suggest a simple hole bellow the final elevator to return back. 
Barnak good idea, there should be a portal back like in the original e1m3, or something similar. 
Don't use BSP2 unless you absolutely need it! 
Ah, ok... will give it a try later... Thanks for the help ;)

And to concur with negke, would be better to make it a bsp map as far as possible :) 
Got it, switched back to normal bsp. On another note, a weird problem with colored lighting have occurred. I used this light setup in worldspawn:

Light Setup

_sunlight 200
_sunlight_color 180 255 190
_sunlight_mangle 250 -28 0
_sunlight_penumbra 8
_sunlight_dirt 1
_sunlight2 50
_sunlight2_color 180 255 190
_sunlight2_dirt 1
_dirt 1
_dirtscale 1.5
_dirtgain 1.3
_dirtdepth 192
_minlight_dirt 1

Then to add some color to windows for a "glowing" effect I added yellow colored light, like _color 0.9 0.9 0.2 on a light entity

But then the light entity emits darkness instead (no negative light value). It works fine with default color though? 
Wild Guess 
You should be consistent in using color values either between 0.0 to 1.0 or 0 to 255.
Try _color 230 230 51 instead.
Not sure what is standard, but I think the compiler tries to auto detect what you intend, and probably got it wrong here.

In a fgd file this is the difference between using (color) or (color255) on the key def. 
You are correct, thanks! :) 
Crossbow Knight Variant 
So it's still compatible we should change the default skin to a more "armoured" look so people can tell they take more damage than the dguard. But you can have a "dguard" variant that is weaker? Maybe just have a spawnflag setting? 
That Sounds Good Too 
Dark Choir 
Ah, that's from Severance: Blade of Darkness!

I knew it sounded familiar haha. Works well with the skull wizards and wraiths. 
Blade Of Souls 
Ah, that's from Severance: Blade of Darkness!
I played that game to death! loved it! pre-darksouls mechanics, crazy hard in places. I even made levels for it as the editing tools were released and easy to use.

Checkout the lead artist website if you want some BoD style textures! 
Oh Nice! 
Wow, that is pretty awesome. I could see The Island of Karum fitting the Quake universe quite well with its dismal fog and dark tones. 
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