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Half-Life 2
Just got my issue to PCZone today and was amazed to see a very large preview of Half-Life 2 in it! Ive scanned 3 screenshots from the article but there are loads more which are awesome too. So what are peoples thoughts on Half-Life 2? I personally thought it was going to suck but after reading this article and seeing the screenshots my opinion has been changed. Pick up a copy of the magazine if your interrested, its a good read.
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This Was The Most Worthless Bumping Of A Thread Ever. 
but it'd be useful to note that the current rumour going around is that HL2 is going to be delayed again. gg Valve, take as long as you want making games and never releasing them, I'm sure you can survive on those Counter-Strike funds forever. 
broken links! 
what do you expect from a year old thread metlslime? 
Holy Hell 

And btw, all the links in the topic are broken... Some people these days :/ 
you gotta fix your linkes! how can we talk about haflief too if we dont see the picz??????? 
are you being sarcastic or just plain fucking stupid? 
omg somE l4m4r must hav hAxEd my s1te! 
My 2 Bits... 
Ive sen both the D3 and HL2 vids, and I can honestly say HL2 is much more impressive than D3. To me at least... I literally got goose-bumps while watching the hl gameplay trailer. Didnt get any kind of reaction out of the D3 one. My take is D3 will be an id standard shooter. Meaning rather vanilla game on an inovative and stable engine. HL2 however is going to rock the world! I have no doubt it will live up to the hype and surpass it. Valve is an incredibly creative and innovative company, with or without help they put the hurting on id. Especially in the online content area.

My 2 bits... FaT. 
My 2 bits... Hairy. 
I like halflife. It's pretty decent. I don't think it's anything truly amazing, however. But looking at the piles of shit surrounding Valve lately (code theft, delays, and the biggest shit pile of all - Steam) I'm gonna say that HL2 will take a few more years before it's done, and by then DN4Ever might be out. Quit laughing, it's a possibility. Personally, innovative triggers and stuff don't appeal that much to me, atmosphere and style do. Doom 3 looks like it'll definitely appeal to me, but my lust for HL2 has pretty much left my loins. 
I'm gonna say that HL2 will take a few more years before it's done, and by then DN4Ever might be out. Quit laughing, it's a possibility.

When dn4e does get out the 3dr-door I'll make sure to swing by your place in my anti-grav transport of choice and you can ride phaser-shotgun with me to the store! 
What I Think (Like It Matters...) 
D3 - Hoping to see rich atmosphere, iD's sense of humour, true demonic settings and enemies, outstanding PC art, fear.

HL2 - Intricate story, interesting puzzles and combat in a mix, very realistic settings, advanced NPC interaction.

Both should be great but for different reasons. I want both. 
just want to shoot things. 
just want to lech at the oriental babe 
Actually, No 
I just want to shoot things 
I'm more interested in HL2 but I will play both games. 
Who needs Halflife 2 and Doom 3 when there's such epic games as this:

and such vivid environments as this: 
New Shits... 
No matter how hard I try I cannot seem to get excited about Half-Life 2. I guess I need to replay the orginal one to appreciate it's forthing coming sequal. The shots look nice and all, but they don't spark my imagination like the Doom III shots. Hopefully Valve will release Half-Life 2 this year, but I'm not holding my breath. 
'Hopefully Valve will release Half-Life 2 this year, but I'm not holding my breath.'

We should take make a func_board office pool on that one. 
I feel the same way. Originally I was very excited about HL2, but after everything that's happened I'm more excited about DN4 than HL2. If doom3 came out same time as HL2, I'd get doom3 hands down. 
Did You See Fragmaster's Farewell Letter

when he was booted from PlanetHalflife for the crime of being right too many times about Valves consistent history of lying and his comments on Valve's bullying Gamespy into deleting his content? I can just visualize Gabe Newell on the phone, "Hey, Gamespy I'm giving you a choice. You can have new Half-Life 2 pics for your little clickheads to drool over (came out today, and they are pretty nice. Almost FarCry quality or you can keep that punkass on your staff? Entirely your choice."

But I kid. Surely in reality it wasn't that overt. I have to say from my limited but meaningful experience in Party politics it is always that overt. 
I Read That A Few Days Ago 
And it just re-affirmed my lack of interest in the title. I'm sure Valve will eventually ship this title, they eventually got Condition Zero out. Even if those shots look kind of pretty, they just don't seem exciting. I guess I'm missing something because nearly every other message board on the net is full of people talking about how great this game will be. How they know this is beyond me tho. The movies and screens released look pretty standard fair. The same can be said about Doom III in that regard, I just think the atmosphere of D3 will be more convincing. Either way, I'll hold judgement on this title until it ships, whenever that maybe. 
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