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PH8DM2 Storage Facility 1031

Once notorious for housing some of the deepest military secrets from weapons to data, SF-1031 has long since been abandoned. Though some of it's arrays of electrical networks and other technologies are corroding away, it has been cleaned out and modified to serve as another deathmatch arena.

Inspired by Tyrann's "Aggressor" & Biff's "Daedalus Revisited".

Much thanks to blackpope, blitz, kell, shambler, vondur, zwiffle* for testing, suggestions, advice and all that. Also thanks to those for feedback in screenshots thread and general encouragement.

* Yes Zwiff, even for your harshness ;)
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...the shambler is serious. For instance, the only misaligned texture in Zerstorer is a cratetop texture in the bunker.

I invariably put one miss aligned cratetop texture somewhere in my levels. 
Good Stuff 
I like it, I notice you made the jump the the rocket packs easier :) 
More Stuff 
I like it, I notice you made the jump the the rocket packs easier :)

Yeah, and I still can't believe you could strafe jump to it before I improved it!

Reminds me of one of Q-Fraggel's Q3 maps. Good job, you =-D

Which one? And thanks for your inspiration Biff.

- i didnt run around very long but i didn't notice if there were any ambient sounds.

Yep, at the computer panels and maybe at the teles, don't remember.

- odd choice of texturing in places, esp floor textures. You did have the idbase mega-wad file that I among others use for base maps, right?
If by odd you mean that I didn't use a tile for the main floor texes, this is because though I originally did, my trim ideas didn't work as well with the 64x64 base tiles, they'd be off y 8 units. I could've shifted them but then certain other areas would be off, and bleh.I already had a chunk of layout done at that point that would've been massive to re-arrange just for some proper tileage. Also, I wanted to do something a bit different anyway. I don't have this wad you're talking of, I prefer working with Quake's original texes, unmodified - except for the skies, id didn't provide enough.

- clipping on some of the stairs is weird, with the railings. should be illusionary imo or just clip the whole thing into a slope.
The stairs are less jittery due to a suggestion by Vondur to add 8-unit height clips to every step. Are you getting snagged on the siderails?

If you use 'wait' and 'delay' and no minlight (use a couple of delay 3 lights instead of minlight!) there will be much more variation in light intensity thoughout the map and it will look a lot better :)

I'll look into these, I just was never familiar with them. Yes the light tools I use support these futures (go AguiRre! or however the hell you spell your damn name) 
Is it a cool way to check if people really take care to the design, etc... ? 
You should have kept that jump harder and put an MH there. I could do it w/out strafing. 
I love the texturing - very clean and well trimmed. Would love to play this online sometime. 
You should have kept that jump harder and put an MH there. I could do it w/out strafing.

MH near a Quad = not so good.

I love the texturing - very clean and well trimmed. Would love to play this online sometime.

I'm up for it, long as my ping isn't shoddy. 
Phait Map 
i had a look around the map. it's very nice and well built. didn't notice any furthur problems than those mentioned, and i can't comment on gameplay.

for minlight though, i think values of less than 25 or 30 are good because the promote better lighting in that the minlight isn't so bright that it can be left alone.
ideally, minlight 10 is the best because it will take care of any spots you miss, but mean you'll need to take care of most of it yourself which is good. (unless you hate lighting) 
Post 20. 
That's quite subjective, really. could.bsp has no minlight and there are black areas all over. I quite liked the high-contrast effect.

RPG - l liked this too.

experimentation is a good thing. :) 
Great Work Phait Mate 
You have shown great improvement and promise.
I wish you would come back to #tf, I promise I wont ban you again. It was very childish of me to do it in the first place. I hope you understand, I can't help it, I am a cocksucking asshole. Anyone who has known me for more than 10 seconds would be able to vouch for that fact. I am very insecure and in need of attention, I need to try an show my superiority, to try feel good about myself.

You should have seen me a couple of years ago, I am not sure whether it was at the start of 'QMap', or the start of 'Func_Msgboard', I think it was QMap. The idea was that they were going to run the board without any moderators, but I pleaded and begged that they have moderators, and that I myself be one, I was practically on my knees, in tears begging to be made a moderator. It was pathetic, as anyone who remembers the time would know, I needed that power to show I was better than the rest. And not so long ago, when I lost control of #tf, man I was pissed, but I stuck it out, and I got that sucker back, once again I have the power. I look forward to the future when I can have my own message board, complete control, oh yeah, I will be like God. It doesn't matter that none will visit the board, at least I will have full power.

Anywho, great job on the map buddy, and please come back to #tf 
From The Screens 
texturing looks very well done. Lighting looks a little flat though. 
Whoever the fuck you are, STFU and fuck off. You fool NO-ONE and it's pathetic.

I hope Scampie bans you from func_ now, because unlike phait you'd deserve it for being a waste of space who's just trying to stir shit. 
I played the map yesterday nights with bots.. and yes, this is a cool map, well designed, with intersting architecture layout, a good texture used... Even if all is not as perfect as some pros would expect here, for sure you did a great work... Thanks for this.. 
sham: but it all true :)
I dunno, but general tf opinion is that it IS scamp 
Shambler, honestly I thought #35 was you at first. :) 
That is completely and totally lol. I, too, thought it was Shambler.

P.S. there aren't enough misspellings for it to be scampie.

man, this IP has a history of being a jackass starting at post# 35. 
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