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Terra Thing
I can't take having these maps on my HD anymore. There's supposed to be more of them, and they should have a proper finale, but dammit, I'm so sick and tired of these things.

It's (finally) six, small quake single player maps. They're all dressed up in classic quake themes and textures, classic doom inspired layouts, and gameplay that's kinda amusing at times.

Here's a temp download from (thanks Scampie!)

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Really cool maps czg!

I finally got a chance to play these and apart from the actual looks, I really liked the layouts and combat scenarios you created. Playing these really gave me back some of that old feeling I remember from the early days of custom maps. It's actually left me feeling a bit inspired... 
Ingen Tittel 
Kay: takk takk

Tyrann: It's actually left me feeling a bit inspired... Then I've accomplished my task. Thank you! 
terra5 was a really nice looking (oldskool e1m2-e1m4 theme)map, but i couldn't figure out the trick to open the door at the end to finish the map (ended up noclipping through). i liked how you could see the way to the exit but the rock collapses at the start. :)

i mentioned that way back, but i mistakenly refered to the map as terra5. d'oh. ;) 
Bugs += 1 
If you're counting, there's a similar kind of bug in terra1 on skill 0 -- after the gk door you have to kill two enforcers to open the next door, but there's only one enforcer to kill. It's not a huge deal, as you can still complete the level with some trick jumping or just plain wading through slime...

The first batch of demos (nearly 30...) has been posted on SDA, btw: 
Agree With Tyrann 
Those maps are really inspiring. My favourite is terra4 with ogres throwing grenades thru small windows. That's the first map ever I was being hit directly in the face with a grenade thrown thru a flame - that was shocking! 
You know, after reading the readme file I wasn't quite expecting something of this quality.

Awesome stuff. I particularly loved the broken walls/stone details - something which has become somewhat of a czg trademark.

I felt the architecture improved in the later maps - terra4 was a true Piranesian work of art.

Monster ambushes were very well done and hilarious - very Doom-like. I laughed when monsters popped up out of the ground.

More please. 
Oh Btw 
here're some silly coop demos i recorded with rpg and gibbie ;) 
You guys gotta post more demos. That shit cracked me up. Do marcher =) 
Healthy Praise For Handsome Russian Demo-wrangler 
That bit at the end of terra5 where RPG and whatsisface keep falling into the lava...priceless.

*applauds Vondurian jumping skillz* 
LOL @ Those Demos. 
Some classic moments in there...

* Vondur was smashed by a Shambler
Vondur: OMG
RPG: Von, the LG
RPG: Where?
RPG: Vondur, where is it?
Vondur: It was Shambler
RPG: Ack!

Gibbie & RPG using split second timing to get a simultaneous telefrag in TR5

Gibbie & RPG both getting exploded by Cthon in TR5.

Gibbie & RPG swimming repeatedly in lava in TR5.

Gibbie doing a perfect and fatal grenade jump off vondur's grenade in TR6. And then Vondur grenading him AGAIN later.

Mad skillz =) 
yeah that was fun :) 
Excellent Work 
If only everyone could do such horrible stuff.
Thoroughly enjoyable

Thanks heaps 
People keep calling these maps "oldskool". What does oldskool mean? After finally getting the time to play them I can only assume that it means "really well designed and constructed and excellent fun to play".

Proof, not that it was ever needed, that small/medium maps can be just as impressive as massve sprawlers.

Brilliant fun. Thanks CZG. 
Well Well 
I somehow missed these skiping through the news but a release from czg!! Now I've seen it all, bal releasing maps, czg releasing multiple maps.

cant wait to get back and try these out. 
Old Skool 
As in the style of Quake itself, smaller, Quake themed maps with some exploration, nice styles but not too extravagent, and a strong Quakey atmosphere.

But of course in this case done with better build quality, stronger design, and beefier gameplay. But still retaining that original Quake flava - which is a great thing IMHO. 
thats why you should keep running a review site shambler! 
Thanks. I knew that already, of course, but thanks anyway. My question was suppossed to be a sideways sarcastic prod at people that think size and "new things" maketh the map. Didn't really work, though. Besides which I can't think of any of the mappers that are still mapping for the mighty Q that are (that) guilty. Most of them have blessedly "retired".

It's a great thing IMHO2. :-) 
Another batch of demos have been posted over at SDA: 
they're nice to look at without being wow material but the gameplay is excllent. I liked how *everything* from the lighting to the layouts was oldskool. 
Sorry For The Delay CZG... 
...the review should be up over at UWF Reviews shortly. Nice work. 
Great work master. You know - before playing this pack I had spent some minutes with some frustrating Doom 3 level followed by a frustrating ZDoom level - I was so pissed off. But then I saw on my desktop and decided to have some Quake fun - and fun it was.

I love the clean look of these levels and the near-perfect gameplay. The only unfortunate stop was at the end of the fourth map where the exit wouldn't open due to a bug mentioned here. I really loved the way those four Shamblers were thrown at you at the end of the third level - I was like "is this guy serious?" - and then they were gone.

Glad you released them! 
Lovely lovely traps! I like it! Its hard and very likeable, but seriously, on the second map, just sickening quantities of enemies, I haven't played through it all, will do tomorrow, gj! :D 
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Oh Fuck 
noone expected fucking russian spam here 
noone expected ze spanish inquisition either 
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