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Terra Thing
I can't take having these maps on my HD anymore. There's supposed to be more of them, and they should have a proper finale, but dammit, I'm so sick and tired of these things.

It's (finally) six, small quake single player maps. They're all dressed up in classic quake themes and textures, classic doom inspired layouts, and gameplay that's kinda amusing at times.

Here's a temp download from (thanks Scampie!)

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I approve of these maps! Especially new-ish idbase one. czg r0x0rZ. 
Really cool maps.

Some cool gameplay ideas. Traps and ambushes and oh my!

czg I'm so glad you released them!

P.S. terra4 annoyed me a bit. 
IMO the best release this month, trumping Marcher by a bit. (The classic gameplay and Doom-style layouts are spooge!!!!!) 
very nice levels! reminded me of doom gameplay a lot! total funnehness!
czg u suck for not polishing it properly!
czg you rock in general! 
I think the first few maps are the best, no doubt due to the excellent beta-testing many years ago.

P.S. Speedrun of Terra3 in 0:15 if anyone wants it, just email me teametc at yahoo business ting. Just have to rename the map terra3 to terra2 to play it (recorded before czg changed the map names).

P.P.S. Will play it soon, when I grab all this Q1 SP stuff together. 
so much q1sp releasing... it's craaazy!

terra5 i found annoyingly hard this time, but i think you were supposed to carry the weapons over? i kept loading each without weapons.

i liked the last one very much (6) because it was q1runic, although that trap was annoying and i only figured it out because when i died the first time, i could see through the func_door and discovered the trick. not really the coolest thing imo... :\
also, terra5 was a really nice looking (oldskool e1m2-e1m4 theme)map, but i couldn't figure out the trick to open the door at the end to finish the map (ended up noclipping through). i liked how you could see the way to the exit but the rock collapses at the start. :)

got the demos of the maps: 
These were awesome.

Every time something got a little too hard at first I recalled the line in the readme about them being "completely untested" (which is apparently not true?) and was more than ready to be disappointed but it never actually happened.

The best example is terra3 with the ambush right before the end - a half dozen shamblers all dropped in and I said, "Oh, come on now, what the f- ah, haha :D" 
Very Cool 
Downloading now.

czg, what are you doing with your time, if you are not mapping for Quake 1? If i had to guess, i'd say you were into 3dsmax... like myself, or Maya... like Tim Elek. 
Just Downloaded 
working on a review for UWF's site, along with the other two maps that still need reviewage. 
Screenies !!! 
Hey !! Where are the screenshots ?? 
You need screenshots to download some CZG maps? Not to mention that he's given you a good description too. 
I trust into CZG map description, and into his talent BTW, but a good screenies is for sure better than a long explanation, isn't it ??? 
Yeah Czg 
what are you up to these days? I noticed you had commented a few times about doom 3 editing - are you doing something for doom 3? Are you working for any games company at all?

looking forward to trying these maps tonight - are terra 1-3 the same as the ones released ages ago? 
czg works as the worker at the oil derrick in the Barents Sea, and his evening work is to nurse hedgehogs in the Oslo zoo. 
Here's A Bucket Of Shots You Ignorant Rabble: 
All Washed Out And Discolored 
/me hug czg.

Dude, screenies or no, this is the best map release of the year so far imo.

U rock.

/me hugs czg again. 

czg, what the fuck is wrong with your monitor? 
Terra4 In 0:07 
what the title says. 6 secs probably possible.
on another note I found all the maps fun to play, well done! 
Awesome maps! Terra6 crashes on me if I finish Terra5 and load the next map. Loading the map from the console works fine though. 
Frowny Face 
This does not happen for me.
What engine?
Works fine in Fitzquake and GLQuake. 
Nice Stuff 
I liked the maps but i think you could easily reach a bigger audience, too.

[begin rant..]
The quakeworld community is dying for new good dm maps, and all your help would be needed.

Even now when I'm looking at terra6, it's got some excellent places that would rule in a fast-pace qwdm 4 on 4 match. It's also about the right size. Alas, it lacks dm entities and some more connectivity might not hurt. (A bit too much dead ends and long corridors?) But first try could be with just some dm entities! Putting spawns, weapons and ammo there. Remember, a lot of people like many of the original id episode maps, that weren't really designed with dm in mind but happen to work in dm anyway!

Dm mapping can't be super-hard, and you can always refine the maps or in the end do just some entity fine-tuning. (with dm I usually mean 4on4 matches like at

There was a a custom map tournament, and from the maps made for it, cmt3 and cmt4 are most popular now, so you can run around a bit and check on "how its done". :)

Of course, dm2, dm3 and e1m2 are "the big three", unsurpassable classics, and it's worth looking them a lot too.

Really, making dm maps could be rewarding! If there's a better place for this discussion, inform me :) 
Really Great! 
I don't know why you're so negative about these maps in your text file. They're all wonderful maps - It feels like it could be episode 5 of the original game :) Thanks a bunch!

and yeah, lodis, 6 is possible, maybe even 5 ;) 
JoeQuake of course :-) 
Well, I took a look to the screenies, and I decided to play the serie, and... I really enjoy it. The mixing you did with std id-software/doom textures is really good. Achitectures (the more in castles part) are really interesting, and as well there is nothing to say about lightning effects which are very god as well.
Like Zwiffle, I really think it's one of the best maps I've played... Great work... 
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