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SM40 Contest Results
The SM40 map pack is here! First, I would like to thank VONDUR for providing a prize for the contest! Yay Von! Next I would like to thank both Zwiffle and Mike Woodham for submitting maps! (Contests really aren't very good without entries.)

And now for the results! Drum roll, please...

<drum roll>

<drum roll>

<drum roll>

<drum ro--oh, fine. Enough of that. The winner is MIKE WOODHAM! Congratulations, Mike!



Download both maps

*Vondur hugs Zwiffle :D
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Very Cool. 
Nice to see two different executions of the same map sections. Mikes was the best for consistency and texture usage. Zwiffles was cool but he should have listened to his beta-testers about the textures :P. Gameplay was good in both although I left Mikes with a vast amount of STUFF. His secrets were great too. But they were both good maps and interesting to compare. 
Late Feedback 
I've just finished both maps, it was fun.

RPG, it was a very good idea of such event.
Zwiffle's map was good, but Mike's one impressed me more. In overall style, atmosphere and gameplay it was high classed (and secrets, secrets, secrets).
In Zwif's map I got the strange feeling, that he missed something in gameplay, don't know what exactly.

Any ideas for more contests? 
Nice Maps 
I liked mike's better too, more consistent style and gameplay.

zwiffle's was good too, but the combat was inconsistent as was some of the design which just didnt fit well together.

Dont know if the originals were like this, but both were too dark as well.

good job guys. 
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