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Project: Monsterfree - New Q1SP By Pulsar
This a strange experimental map. It's small and contains no monsters, but is's full of traps and puzzles.

If you expect to play usual q1sp, this map is not for you. Gameplay is strange, not everyone will enjoy it. But anyway, welcome to the Monsterfree Training Center.


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Nice Job 
I liked it, esp. the design visually and trapwise. I just wish it was longer and more varied. 
Map P1mpage 
Rubicon textures are the best to look at and the worst to work with. I liked the map's looks.

And as everyone else noted, it's quite fun, too. I would have liked something a bit longer, but this was pretty fun. Thankfully you didn't require any esoteric stunts such as U-jumping or rocket jumping.

8.5 of 10. 
Fun and surprising, I liked it long time. 
Pretty Cool. 
A good, well made execution of a "gimmicky" idea, and that is a rare thing indeed. So congrats for making a good map out of that idea.

I kept losing lots of health somehow =). 
Not Bad 
does its job, but its not something I would play again. 
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