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Winter Map Pack Released
The "1000 Brush/Winter/Norway" Quake SP map pack has just been released. Grab it while it's hot!

The file is right here:
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Alternative Download URL: 
I've upload the pack to: It will stay there for at least a week. 

Maps were submitted by:

Really cool map but way too short. Looks awesome.

Great map with lots of exploration and good fighting. Looks pretty too.

Awesome looking setting for this map. Once inside the castle it gets a bit simpler, but overall, and with the massive ending arena this map is very pretty and delicate like a flower.

Kinda plain and not too exiting. Damned large, but could have sacrificed sixe for detail in a lot of places.

-Me (Blitz)
Good looking map. Stupid fucking name though, and perhaps it would be an idea to put in some more ammo than two boxes of shells next time, Blitz? And wtf with the leap of faith? is it possible to even do that? And that secret area; there's nothing in it! 
My Opinion 
HrimFaxi's map is the best, there is really no contest imho. I couldn't believe how much he was able to cram into 1000 brushes. Nice setting. Very good map.

Blitz's map for a mixed bag. I totally agree with CZG on the lack of ammo and the leap of faith, I gave up on jumping after the forth try and just noclipped. Also, whos bright idea was it to put the silver key in a completely dark spot? How is anyone supposed to see it? CZG, I found a green armor in the secret area.

Zwiffle's map was cool, but imho suffered from lack of ammo as well.

Headthumps map was mediocre and he should've indeed sacrificed some of the size for more detail and worked more on texturing. 
Argghhhh Mateys 
Hrimfaxi's is definitely the best of the pack. Great map, reminds me of the castle map in UT. Great sense of vertigo as you scale the castle.

Blitz' was damn hard. I figured out the leap of faith, though there were no clues afaik. And I got a Lightning in the secret area, which I had to have to beat the shambler. (The first time I wasted it on the knights, and had only 1 grenade to use on the shambler. I died.) I did think failing the leap of fayth was funny though.

Jago's was short. Also too easy. The opposite of Blitz' I suppose.

Headthumps' was ok, I was impressed with the size, but it was too easy. Apparently I missed half the map, because I only killed about 26/44 enemies or something like that. I loved the outdoor mazey-area, I thought that was great (toward the end.)

I think my map was in the middle, after Blitz and Hrimfaxi. If Jago's was longer his woulda been a lot better, but it was TOO SHORT!!! :(

Good pack! Woot! 
Love Then All!!! Great Pack! 
but Hrimfaxi's is the best!!! this man is a realy great mapper, great constucion! sorry my english...blrlrrrrrrrrr 
At Last I Got Through All Maps! 
But not without cheating!
I had to give myself some more ammo in Zwiffles and Blitz maps. Otherwise they both were wery good, with good looks and gameplay.

As for Jagos map. It looked awesome but were to short, well we was warned in the thread that there only was three rooms.

Headthumps map - well at least it was bigger than Jagos, and I was able to beat it without cheats, but I missed the silverkey the first time around. Shouldn't the gate in the water with the spawns be smaller, so as the player couldn't slip through? Else a nice map that, as other has said could have used some more details.

Then there is my own. Well as is said above the inside of the main building needs some more details. As it is it's just some boxy rooms on top of each other.
I should have started the map a week before, then I would have had the time to refine the brushes in the tower/dome, and gained some for some more details in the carstle. Well at least I think the outside part of my map went wery well!

In all a wery nice and well worth pack! 
Just Started Playing, 
Shouldn't the gate in the water with the spawns be smaller

Yes. A top cross bar is missing in this build. Ouch. Damn leak related revision. More commentary later. 
Just Saw It! 
Blitz why is my name all of a sudden HrimFaxi with a capital F? 8-/

Please folks it's Hrimfaxi!!! 8-) 
what about if we're screaming at you? should the f still be lowercase? 
Hrimfaxi owns as a mapper, doesnt matter how you write his name. =) 
Kell & Necros 
I knew you would understand ;-) Thanks! 
General Comments, 
-Jago: Good map. I liked the layering of the textures involved. They blended in deliciously well. Short, but tough. Grunts in non-tech maps feel a little weird to me, but they made for an interesting monster combo working with the Ogres.

-Hrimfaxi: Brush work is making me envious in a very bad way. Good structural designs. I'd like to see what you would do with this at a higher brush count. I did get stuck when I obtained a MH secret. I went down below to check out the terrain. It is possible to climb down from here, but then you are stuck between insta-gib localities.
Also the fights were well placed.
I have to replay it though to give a complete report.

-Zwiffle: Monster combos and set ups were particurly good. Some places where I thought I was going to straff dominate the fuckers, I would find myself SOL by teleports or unforseen critters. Good planning.

Also, the end level area is wicked good looking and the LG secret is a nice touch.

-Blitz: I haven't played it yet. Will do so in the next go around.

Cheers to all. 
that is all. 
Bl1tz: err, what? Seriously, what's up with that map, man? No ammo in the second half, low on health, low on armor. I probably could have done fine with the "leap of faith" since I read the readme, but having 15 monsters on my trail because I ran out of ammo? No.

Hrimfaxi: excellent. Just... wow. Great execution. The outside bit totally owned me.

Jago: short, but cool. And, err, short. Some more ingenuity and conservance of brushes might have been a good idea.

Zwiffle: I didn't bother playing your map again since I already played it two or three times in the beta. But it's cool. 
Oh, And Headthump's 
Decent length and ending. But what's up with two keys in the boat? And so much fighting under water. Fighting in water really annoys me. Circular design with tele in the middle but armor in the back? Odd. 
Err Oops 
Circular design with tele in the middle but armor in the back?

This was in reference to the finale area, whose design completely confounded me. 
Just Finished Blitz And H's Levels 
-Hrimfaxi: my previous remarks based on the first half of the level don't do this map justice. Good Gooly Mooly.

-Blitz: Great layout and build quality but I'll second RPG on the ammo. The leap of fayth was just mean.

Jumping in the watery maze of this area was designed to be arbitrary. It's nice to have the extra ammo, MH and armor but they are not strictly necessary.

There are about a dozen things like the silver key matter I would have liked to have cleaned up. Notice the Ogre telporting in? The result of the same entity overlay.

And so much fighting under water. Fighting in water really annoys me.

I'll keep that in mind in the future ;) I like water fighting, esp. getting above a fiend and axing them, but if the good people of the community don't care for them than they are out. 
1) It is necesary to fail at the 'Leap of Fayth'

2) The shells and health at the beginning are there for a reason. Use them wisely.

3) The axe is your friend. Use the axe on the dogs...there's no reason to waste ammo.

4) The LG is also's not like the secret is out of the way.

Hope these tips help. 
I Meant 'mean' In A Good Way 
as in mean mo fo' 
2) The shells and health at the beginning are there for a reason. Use them wisely.

3) The axe is your friend. Use the axe on the dogs...there's no reason to waste ammo.

Who the hell plays quake like that?

HRIMfAXI, excellent job. Yours was the only map I finished besides Jago's that didn't require me cheating because I had to axe a shambler or some bunch of monsters to death since I ran out of ammo days previous. 
First of all, maybe this texture set lends itself well to texturing but the texturing in most of these maps was really well done. The one texture that really stood out in a bad way wa sthe snow texture but I guess that really couldnt be avoided.

blitz - nice texturing, ok lighting, decent brushwork. Gameplay was ok, I didnt run out of ammo on medium till the last shambler. Leap of Faith idea was a bit silly mainly because it didnt fit in with the rest of the map.

zwiffle - tough, very tough but till the last 10 enemies I thought it was good. Then I ran out of ammo. Build was good, texturing was really good, lighting was decent. Lava looked out of place and monsters teleporting behind you is one of my pet hates.

jago - what was there was good, especially some really cool texturing. But this should have been used as part of something bigger IMHO.

headthump - it was plain, but again the texturing was well done. I think what hurt it the most was lighting which was fullbrightish in some areas and decent in others. Combat was decent enough.

hrimfaxi - easily the best map in the pack. The start area is awesome despite the overabundance of the shitty snow texture. Once inside, it does get plainer, but the lighting and texturing help cover this up quite a bit IMHO. Sure, it's not detailed but it's still quite pleasant to look at.

Gameplay wa also the best implemented out of all the maps, especially the end.

Very well done hrimfaxi.

Overall, a pretty good pack considering that people actually stuck to a timeframe. 5 maps is a pretty good result. 
Is Anyone 
definately considering making no-brush-limit versions of their maps? 
All Been Said But... 
I liked zwiffle's best. Took me loads of goes to do it as it's hard and a tiny bit short on ammo (if you just go blasting). Most satisfactory gameplay experience out of all the maps.

Hrimfaxi's a close second. It's kind of the map I was expecting from the texture wads. Gameplay was pretty eazy (apart from the last room). Nice design. Thumbs up.

"Save CGZ" by Blitz. Erm.... I finally finally did it after your hints, AND after opening the map in WorldCraft and locating the hidden brushes hehe. :)

Bloodgates and ZooLoo-MooLoo weren't bad. One a little short (but nice design), the other kinda ugly, but a good blast.

Well done all, and thanks for making it. 
It's A Pretty Good Bet 
There are some things I'd like to do, tighten up some glitches, redux the lighting. There is an area in the upper tower construction just crying for development, and also an alternative route that doesn't require much swimming. 
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