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Zaka Interview
Over on BesMella.Quake I have posted an interview I did recently with accomplished mapper Zaka, responsible for maps such as Skull, CMT1, Schloss, Dam2, Legolin, Yber... The list goes on. Here's is a snippet of what he had to say:

VB: When & how did you get into Quake?:

Zaka: Hmmmmm... I remember drooling for Quake before it was published. I had read some hype about it and how cool the single player campaign would be. It turned out to be quite different but I still liked it.

And another:

VB: What do you think makes a great Quake map?

Zaka: The hard one:) My opinions about the issue change and develope all the time as I feel I am learning a little more about QW bit by bit. Main thing is that different kind of maps can be good in different ways.

Check it out Here.
i'd like to see screenshots of the maps first.... (i mean zaka's webby) 
Zaka Rules 
Skull is the epitome of an addictive Quakeworld map...but it's not like 18_box_dmm4.bsp either -- it's well balanced and well thought out with good looks.

Haven't really played the other ones too much, but schloss looked incredible the one time I ran around in it. Also I've seen one of your CS maps on a few servers, so cheers to Zaka :) 
Skull and CMT1 are pretty good. From gameplay POV, skull is one of the best 1on1 maps. I am ought to try Schloss at some point, been hearing lots of good things about it. 
I Think I Remember This. 
Isn't Schloss the very cool looking castle one??

But yeah the news item needs linx0rage. 
Umm Yeah. 
That's the one. Schloss is beautiful. Skull less so but looks fun to play.

Good interview, some useful thoughts in designing there.

Nice to hear about these "unsung" guys. 
Zaka Rules :) 
I always love his work that�s why the first waypoints that i try to do was two of is maps Skull and Schloss i love those to and the waypoints are also good lots of fun playing!!! I love a lot of this man work keep making peaces of art like you do... 
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