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New D3sp From Obi-wan
A new D3SP released by Obi-Wan with custom cinematics and the Shambler from Quake! It's actually quite a nice model & has good attacks.

The Download is 15mb. The map is quite short but professionally done, definately worth a look!



Once you have unzipped the files to the doom3/base folder, start doom3 and type "map" as usual in the console then use the TAB autocomplete to find the folder/file of the map, much easier that way :)
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I just finished playing the map.

I actually liked the 'shambler' alot it suited the doom3 environment well even if its not the classic Quake shambler we all love its a new monster that when paired up with some others could be quite formidable.

The level itself was OK... the construction was solid , felt like an actual location of sorts, had a few good combat moments. Could really of used more ambient sound effects to spruce things up.

One major issue I had was taking that lift down , I collected the ammo/health etc... then went back to the lift to find it was at the top. I didn't clue in at first because the texture used was only visible from one direction, so I was looking through the base of the lift. Then the 'activate lift' gui didn't function at bringing the lift back down to me. After a quick run around looking for perhaps a ladder I sadly had to resort to using noclip and floating up the elevator shaft. This really took me out of the game. :(

It was also too short for me... perhaps because of how it ended, it DID leave me wanting more to play. I would of been happier if it was released with the following maps or had maybe a bit more of a conclusion after the final showdown. 
The Shambler 
Illustrates the feasibility of new monsters amazingly well. The thing lumbered too slowly to make it that effective of a monster, though, and hiding behind cover was too easy. Great fun otherwise, though.

And if it's To Be Continued then don't fucking release it. It seems like everyone's in a race right now to be the first to do this and that, so instead of finishing their projects they're releasing them bit by bit for notoriety.

At the moment I'm downloading everything for Doom3 that comes out because there isn't much. As the tide increases in the coming months as more people start working (once the SDK COMES OUT) I'll get back into the mode of filtering the good stuff liek I do usually. 
you can find extensive info on the Shambler in the WIP section of the forums.

I really *hate* those stupid hidden wall closet monster spawns and nearly quit out of the game right there and then when those imps appeared. Other than that it was ok. 
I really *hate* those stupid hidden wall closet monster spawns

why,too challenging or too scary for you? 
I Didn't Mind The Hidden Wall Monsters 
Viva la Doom! The walls slide upwards or downwards, never sideways...

But that spring-loaded Imp sitting behind an ordinary door like some grey toothy jack-in-the-box really pissed me off. 
ermm no... although we're playing a game based on fantasy it has to follow some inherant rules and logic based on reality, it make no sense what-so-ever for them to just *be there*.. did they spawn into those closets by mistake, did they deliberately hide in there waiting for players to pass by.. if so how did they get in there (where's the access button).... we're they locked in there by workmen, or are they wanting to find a discreat and quiet place for some 'personal' time... 
I Think 
people read too much into wall closet monsters. Raar. 
The Shambler Guy... 
I came across this forum by mistake and saw my map getting some serious feedback here!.. :)

I'll try answer some questions here.

First thing I'll say is that even though it seems like it this level is not a do someming quick to be the first to release. I worked on it for a very long time since I built the level and did the Shambler and had to figure all the technical crap out. I actually jumped into the deep end with this map, taking on all the extras with cinematics and stuff.

I did build for Quake, actually started with Doom but never released anything. I think my first Quake map was "Prepare for Hell"... something like that.. :).

With the Shambler I did not try to make a complete remake of the old one but simply a redesigned one for Doom3. It was my first venture into the normal map way of modelling and thinking so it was a bit of learning curve to go through.

Being pissed off about the "To Be Continued" prooves that you like the map and want more and then I accomplished what I wanted. Believe it or not but to make this map is alot of work and it takes time, more than I want to spend on one map so I break it. I know the map is pretty short but hopefully cool to play through. For future maps I might concentrate on something else, some other details and leave other stuff out. Don't know.

I don't care about rules and logic. I'm not a fan of "REAL" games. I do what I like and what I want. If you don't like it, don't play it. The Imps are behind the wall because I put them there, no other reason. The map is there because I made it.

That's about all of it.

Thanks for all this feedback. I always hope for at least one person to have fun with the map I release.. I always have fun building them!.. :) 
Alright mate, glad u found this place :) 
Obi-wans Map001 Doom3 SP MAP

the 2nd post i wrote a review of Obi-Wans Map001 giving it a 98% rating.

I didnt mind "To Be Continued" Because after the intense gameplay I was looking forward to seeing more so keep on with your creative mapping because i wanna frag some more Demons & if possible for Map002 ADD another Quake 1 monster into the mix like the Vore 
The Vore 
would be awesome. The coolest monster in Quake. Would work well with the Vagary, no? 
Almost The Same 
thing... even w/ little spikey balls. 
That doesn't leave much room for improvement. Does that mean this is about as good as doom3 maps can ever be? 
We can reasonably expect the bar to be gradually raised as time goes on. A great Q1 map 5 years ago doesn't look so great now, but it would still have deserved a high score at the time. That said, 98% is awefully high. 
Sounds Like A Typically Inept Abuse Of The Scoring System. 
no, see, later on in d3's life, mappers will have to earn bonus points by spelling their name correctly in the .txt files and answering the essay questions with in depth discussion and knowledge.

I hope to get 124% on my first map. 
You think you can actually complete the complex task of actually finishing and releasing a map? 
dude, he's a pro at it. 
he's fired 
Completing A Map Is No Trivial Task 
Especially a complex one. The compile takes over three minutes already! Oh the pain! 
Quite Good For A Starting Map. 
Yes one of the more impressive maps seen. Good intro, like starting outside. More coherent than other D3 SP custom maps and some decent designs too.

Needed a lot more ammo, I had to leave the chaingunner and other monsters behind as I didn't want to run out. Other than that the gameplay was pretty decent.

The Shambler and Cybershambler are very good monsters in their own right, however they are ***NOT*** Shamblers, I wish you'd done a proper Shambler but hey ho. 
any working urls for screens of this map? 
[deleted by metlslime] 
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