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Other PC Games Thread.
So with the film and music threads still going and being discussed... why don't we get some discussion going on something on topic to the board? What other games are you playing now?
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G3 Forsaken Gods dude.

G3 totally hits the mark for me despite the combat and bugs. It just feels like a world and never ceases to convince me.

You tried Guild Wars?? Don't have to MMORPG it at all, can do everything with computer controlled henchmen. I found it pretty damn involving and a pretty damn good RPG experience. 
Gothic 3 
after finally picking up a bunch more ram, i can play this game properly and it's shaping up to be one of the best rpgs i've played in a while now.

combat is a little annoying though. getting stunlocked by shitty wolves sucks. in fact, fighting animals is more difficult that facing a gigantic orc warrior. 
Ijed: Programmers Game 
I'm stucked in level 12... any idea to solve it ? 
I liked it, but thats probably because you're right and it isnt really an rpg as I dont really like them (same for diablo2). 
necros: Yeah. And damn those traps everywhere. Felt like I spent almost half the playtime waiting for paralysis, stun or fear to wear off while the monsters happily slaughtered me. At some point I just stopped looting bodies and chests (unless I expected quest items) because of this.. and the 400k+ gold I already had from selling all unusable weapons/armors.

As for G3, be sure to install the latest community patch.

Shambler: I'm going to get Forsaken Gods anyway. Just don't expect much. Apparently they improved the combat system though.
I might give GW a try, however their demo key faggotry isn't helpful. The screenshots look good, but I'm not convinced enough to just buy it without testing.

ijed: Nethack! :P

nitin: There are multiple kinds of RPGs, e.g. Diablo clones (which I don't like either) with bird perspective and party-based horde combat and ones in which you play a solitary character with a close 3rd person perspective, less focus on action and more on atmosphere. I prefer the latter. 
I can't remember where I got up to - the level with the long lines of squares set in troughs and peaks.

If it's there then there needs to be some sort of recalling series of functions so you don't run out of space, but I haven't figured out how to fit it all in yet. 
I Can't Remember The #, I Mean 
This one you mentionned is indeed level 12, and it is particularly evil: you need to build a function of function, and then it can work according to an office collegue, but I still didn't figure how... He just told that it has to be cut in 2 half part of each segment.
OTOH, he was not able to solve level 13, and I solved it for him...
Globally if you don't see the "obvious" solution directly, you can spend a lot of time before finding... sometime not finding at all :P

Anyway, it is a good puzzle game for programmers for sure :D

Thanks !!! 
I'm still stuck on that one as well - it's the turning inside the functions that's the problem. A third function to call would solve it, or being able to recall the main loop.

I've got a suspicion that you have to go horizontally instead of vertically because then the steps are divisible by two instead of seven. 
Is There Any Way 
to skip straight to a level without having to play all the tutorial maps... 
level 11 wasn't that hard, i had 5 unused programming spaces... 
Completed the game with 184 commands.
Pretty fun. Level 10 was the hardest for me.
I ended up doing very versatile functions, since you can put lots of extra walking in since you can't walk off ledges. 
Forever Tangerine Dream 
The Forever GZDoom mod is pretty trippy. Not really playing it much, but the music in data.pk3 is very synth heavy... @distrans.

Listening to it again... I had to go and check that they didn't just rip off Tangerine Dream. Music credits are: Marc A. Pullen, Mike Hansen, Patryck Goodsell, CPX. 
interesting TC... i haven't gotten very far yet, the long dialogs make me impatient. 
I Am A Programmer At Heart, Apparently 
Which is good, seeing as that's what pays the bills.

Level 10 was by far the hardest, and the most interesting. I used 183 commands, one fewer than bambuz, fwiw :) 
I'm Curious 
Are there any Zuma fans here? Man this game is destroying my life. 
I spent nights of my life playing Zuma. Yes. Reaaaly addictive if you ask me. A friend of mine had to trash it from her computer cause it was swallowing all her afterwork time!
I really think you don't become a Zuma fan. If it's in your genes, that's it, you're hooked and there's hardly a cure for it! This game just drove me mad! I too had to remove Zuma from my comp and never installed it again!

Hooga hooga booga! ;) 
It's In Your Genes 
If your chromosomes are XX 
Chaser Review 
Chaser is an older, forgotten title dug up from the grave. Released in 2003, the game was developed by Cauldron HQ based in Slovakia, using their own CloakNT engine.

The engine was definitely an improvement over competitors such as the Quake 3 / id Tech3 engine. But this is 2003, and id Tech4 is only one year away. Chaser's main competition would have to come from Unreal II, and I'm afraid the two are hardly comparable.

Chaser had a variety of environments, plenty of which looked good such as; the sewers of Little Tokyo, a cold and snowy Soviet Union, the Mars Spaceport and underground Prison. In fact there were a few levels that really reminded me of Quake2, but being reminded of a game five years old isn't saying much for Chaser. The problem is, while there were good looking levels, there was nothing truly spectacular. And on top of that there were plenty of levels that looked well below average. There are too many rooms and corridors that look the same as the last, which makes the game rather disorientating. There were times when I was completely lost, despite the game being very linear.

On to the gameplay; it started off action-packed as you get a weak gun and face a plethora of tough enemies. The guns took some getting used to, as they seemed to lack firepower and substance. It felt like I wasn't holding a real gun, but a little toy that spews millions of rounds a second. And when the enemies get hit nothing really happened. After a while I did get used to the weapons and there are a LOT of weapons to choose from. Ammunition was never a problem, nor was health. Gameplay was in fact very fun, but only if you don't mind reloading aplenty. Your enemies can take you down fast - their weapons are quite powerful, so you need to make sure you kill them quick. The enemies were very repetitive all the way through the game - it might as well have been the same opponent with slightly different guns. But even until I finished the game I still enjoyed the gameplay, despite there being absolutely no big finale - the game just ended. Speaking of which, the disappointing and confusing ending did nothing for the game whatsover.

One last criticism of the game is that there are some parts that are very frustrating. The submarine levels were not only ugly, but disorientating and possibly the worst levels I've ever played in a first person shooter. Fortunately they don't last long, and most of the game is enjoyable. The graphics are a bit outdated and level design can be average at times, but it's still worth playing for the hardcore FPS fan, especially seeing as it's quite a long game. 
Why aren't any of you playing World of Goo yet? This game is awesome. I stayed up far too late last night playing it without realizing - it's one of those games.

The puzzle design and the types of goo are so far extremely awesome, and the game has a very tongue in cheek sense of humor about itself. Intensely cute and squeezable on the surface, but there's an underlying note of sad mystery that really pulls you along, wondering where the bizarre Burtonesque story of these gooballs is going.

I want to play it right now, but I have to wait. 
Yeah I bought it off steam yesterday, quite fun, should have brought it to work, would help to get through these long boring days... -___- 
World Of Goo Bis 
Seems I bought it at the right time, it's released has just been pushed back till february/march 2009 in Europe, so steam has to stop selling it, fortunatly, I already bought it and they can't take it away! =)

Fun little game anyways, smart and funny, I'm dissapointed I can't recommend it to more friends now that they have to wait 4+ months to try it... 
Why's The Release Been Pushed Back? 
Leaked Gothic 4 Gameplay Video

Doesn't show much, though. Apparently one plays a Ninja :P 
And Fallout 3 Is Just What I Expected 
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