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More UT SP - Gryphon Revisited
A 16 map pack made by some of the UnrealSP regulars trying to emulate the look and feel of Unreal. For the most part, IMHO, it succeeds even though the maps vary in quality due to the number of mappers invloved.

Review and Screenshots here :

Download here :

Unlike The Odyssey's review, this one's reasonably acurate as it follows the old UnrealSP review schema.
And It's Mighty Good Fun 
I really should revisit it again. The Palace of Chizra's outdoor section is particularly impressive. 
This Has Been Out For Awhile... 
... and if you like Unreal (I do), you should grab it even if you played through the previous major release. This one is more complete and polished and has a good amount of additions and improvements over the one released a year ago.

Nice stuff! 
Worth The D/l 
Hello all! I'm one of the reviewers of the pack in addition to being a huge Quake fan. As you may have read in the review, our feelings were that it was some distance from being "perfect", but if you dug the original Unreal, and have UT, go for it...lots of fun there. 
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