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Q3dm6 Qw Remake
Here's a quality remake that's very true to the original.

Here are some screenshots of the beta, but its mostly the same in final.
Who was this made by?

Looks pretty cool, will have to try it when I get home. 1 thing I already know I'll think is stupid is the blue floor tiles being used as walls. 
Yah, Nice Map. 
Pretty much ideal for qw, I'd bet. Mebbe some of these slackers will do some demos with it. 
The texturing in this version looks to be even worse than the original... and that would take quite some effort. : )

Its a shame since this was one of the few playable maps in Q3, so if the retexturing job was nicer it'd be almost worth having a go.

For those that do like this kind of thing though, Aardappel did a q3dm6-ish map a while back, which some of you may not remember, go here to grab it: 
I really like this conversion, the architecture is well done, especially the curves. However the texture placement could get on some peoples' nerves, mainly the blue floor texture as a wall tex... but I think its okay!

The item placement is a bit off... you could/should release a proq3dm6qw (lol?) with items similar to pro-q3dm6: megahealth in the middle, and armor/ammo changes. 
the map is realy cool only and the game play is great only the problem of the textures if anybody want to test with bots download this 
texturing is tasteless
lighting is poor
architecture = idsoftware no more no less

overall - poor map / cloned mutant with some disability 
Cloned Mutant With Some Disability? 
bring back qmd :( 
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