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Should Shambler Be Banned From Creating Threads?
Yes or No will suffice.

Shambler is ungood.
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well, where his threads had accual discussion on the topic of mapping and games and were well thought out... this isn't... I'd say Blitz should be banned from making threads. 
[20:04] <scampie> good thread Bl1tz
[20:04] <scampie>
[20:04] <Bl1tz> oh thanks
[20:04] <Bl1tz> I am getting annoyed with Shambler's fucking stupid threads
[20:05] <Bl1tz> they are hurting my eyes
[20:05] <scampie> Bl1tz: read my reply you faggot
[20:05] <Bl1tz> oh
[20:05] <Bl1tz> hmm
[20:05] <scampie> jesus, that should have been posted in General Abuse
[20:05] <Bl1tz> you are a master orator
[20:05] <b|ff0|2> haha 
yes, lets remove all of shamblers gaming/mapping related threads immediately and replace them with crap like this! AWESOME IDEA!!!!!!!11elevenone!1 
Misunderstood Again. 
Please kill me. 
Threads stay, smiley faces go. 
i think shambler should have varied the post icons some. there's too much happiness there now. :( 
You Know What? 
Fuck you scampie. I haven't paid enough attention to your bullshit. I will laugh my ass off when you die sweating in some social situation where 100 people surround you and close in until you're so fucking nervous you can't breathe and you shit your pants and die of Asphyxiation. 
I have no knowledge of the words needed to adequately describe the amount of rape and ownage blitz just performed!! 
Please kill me.

I'm tempted, trust me... 
Haven't you people gone through all of this before? 
I think the word is 'actual' not 'accual.'

But who needs to spell correctly when you can just accuse other people of being stupid, and have everyone agree. 
Fuck Scampie 
I might not agree with this thread, but I don't have to flame someone over it. Get off your pedistal, no one cares. Blitz can voice his opinion just as much as the next guy, if you don't like it, fuck off and move along. 
Oh, Yes 
Now I remember. You have.

I'll get the snacks, you get the beer. 
Get off your pedestal, no one cares. Scampie can voice his opinion just as much as the next guy. If you don't like it, fuck off and move along. 
Blitz ur a cunt! 
Other Subject Please 
as long as Shambler won't post photo's but only starts toppics for others to do so, I guess he should....

my god what an honnour, your own damn-toppic!

and when it comes to staying at your own toppic at NewQ1bsp #197, I guess he shouldn't.. 
Hypocrisy Is An Ugly Thing 
Practice what you preach, Prod. 
Frib Face Is An Ugly Thing 
Suck it down bitch! 
Wow, what a truly witty retort prod. I think it really expresses the depths of your mind and talents. 
lol, you're a fag non, haha. i love how you take everything suriously. lol. eat shit. 
So Let's Get This Thread On A Semidecent Topic... 
What makes a good thread here at func_qmap?

Blitz's full argument about Shambler's threads when I talked with him the other night on irc was that 'they're cliched and overdone' ideas. Fair enough, they are. But does that make them bad threads?

A thread is just a way of organizing topical discussion. A good thread will state it's topic, perhaps give an opinion, and leave room for others to give their ideas and discuss. Other qualifing aspects include it being on the board's encompassing topic of 'Level design', or being of interest to those hanging here.

On the flip side, a bad thread just throws out an off topic idea, a malicious flame, has no range for long term discussion/debate, or is just a plain jane question better answered in a preexisting thread.

Just becuase something has been discussed before doesn't make it less worthy of threadiness. On the contrary, it lets us look an the idea anew. Some of the same talk will go on, and if it's plain out dull and repeatitive, it'll fall by the wayside. Just think of this like thunderdome. or evolution. or whatever. 2 threads go in, 1 comes out. Survival of the strongest!

I do agree that something like the Beef thread or the 'where would you live in fps' are a bit on the ugly side... but let's just live with SOME positive discussion, rather than the lack of new we've had.

we should also discuss the closing of italic tags.. 
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