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Quake Turtlemap 3!
Well, I've put off releasing this too long already... Speedmap site isn't ready, but it's so damn close I tells ya!

Anyway... A new release! A massive pack of 4 Single Player Quake maps built in a single week! And don't let their seemingly quick build time fool you, these are some great maps!

There were 3 authors who finished maps for the event, Hrimfaxi (who also submitted an older map he had which fell under the rules), Leviathan, and Zwiffle! Good work guys!

Download the pack here: (4.5mb)

(Note: Hrimfaxi's first map is now updated to be a full vis'd version so it'll run better)
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I'd suggest that you check out the wall behind/around the exit teleporter. It's possible to shoot a rocket right through it from certain angles and this probably makes the map leak. The reason why you didn't get any leak warning remains. 
OK I think what may have happened was that I made the end portal a little too big. The way the giant circle arch thing is built, the end portal leaks out into the void, and the arch's top and bottom are really thin. But, when I tried to fix it, I get an Error 17: Mixed face content in leafnode or something along those lines, so I'm stumped how to fix it. But I guess there's really no worry besides trying to make sealed properly, because it's already been released so... 
Big Hrmph For Lev 
This is the first Base level to stump me in my usual approach to fighting base levels, that is using the axe exclusively. After a half dozen tries I am putting it aside -- For Now --

Zwiffle, Hrimfaxi, sorry I have been too distracted by the above situation to play your levels as of yet, but I will get to them soon.

Dying at the hands of Enforcers ~~ I am not a happy camper. My ego needs satiation, I say! 
really nice maps dudes!
entertaining and all!
here i prepared a little gift for you, my first run demos in all the maps!
i managed not to die during recording, considering these are my first runs through the maps.

ps, oh and i played on skill 1 
Zwiffle's Map 
also had those sparklies (from not using t-junc option) which was kind of annoying.

lev - like I said, there was potential but yeah I would look at changing your gameplay style if this is what you normally do. I havent played any of your other speedmaps so cant say. 
Thank You 
for all the comments! Not only the good things but also the criticism.
Looks like I'm going from the lowest unworthy mapper to a god 8-) That's quite a way in one day!
The truth will be somewhere in between - I think!
Anyway I really had fun building my level and I'm sure that lev and zwiffle had the same.
(Nice maps from both of you btw)
It looks like we at least entertained a bunch of you and that's good.

I have listen to your comments and the constructive critism you have been given, and will try to use it to to build some better maps in the future.

When I had played the 4 levels in the pack it struck me that this could be an extension of the last four weeks of the speedmapping sessions. What we build was almost 4 maps from each theme in quake.
leviathan a base, I build medieval and rune and zwiffle made what could be the dark and grim long corridors of the elder world.

As I said it was fun and I'm certain that I will be ready to try again if Scrampie makes another turtelmap week in the future. I hope even more mappers will participate so we can make a bigger and better pack. 
Oh Yes! 
Thank you Vondur for the demos it was nice to see how other played the maps! 
That's wierd too, because I did use -tjunc when I compiled it. Maybe DuBSP's -tjunc doesn't work or something, but I can't really tell if the sparkles are a problem or not because I don't get them in TeleJano. 
Thanks for the demo Vondur! 
The Sparkles 
are there because the map leaks, then tjunction calculations aren't done. I've now sealed the map and thereby reduced the # numportals from 12k to 4k and made a full vis/light. The original had only fast vis/light.

With brighter lightning, this map looks very good. 
any chance of me having it? 
If Zwiffle Permits 
but I believe he's got enough information to make a new version already that he could release if he wants to. I'd prefer that since it's his map.

Zwiffle: What do you want to do? 
I've got the lighting done, but I don't wanna mess around with leak problem (i'm tired of the map) but since you sealed the map and re-lit it feel free to distribute it as you see fit. 
Would it be OK for me to send you my modified version of q1tm3_zwiffle so you can host it along with the original (i.e. not replacing it)? 
just email it to me, 
can also be caused by conflicts in the UV coordinates of the two adjacent brushes when they are textured on facing sides )ones not meant to be seen). Caulking solves this in Q3. I don't know what the Quake I solution for this would be but I have never heard it mentioned as an option in a Quake I forum. 
are you talking about z-fighting? Otherwise i don't really understand. 
sparklies can at times result from z-fighting. This article does a good job of explaining the problem. 
But That's Not Really The Same Thing. 
they look sparkly, but are not tjunc sparklies. :) 
that article is complete bullshit too... z-fighting doesn't occur when brushes join like that. he thrashs csg-hollow, and then makes even WORSE brushwork. and caulking the outside of brushes? whoever wrote this 'tutorial' has absolutly no understanding of bsp or how to map and should be taken out back behind the chemical sheds and shot. 
so, bsp tools do the same thing in q3 engine games as they do for q1, right? they remove all the outside faces? (i'm guessing that's what some of the "bullshit" was refering too)
pardon the ignorance, i've never touched q3 engine mapping. :D 
should have added: what _is_ caulking for? i've always seen it as sort of redundant, because faces the player can't see are going to be facing the other way anyway (the normals are pointing away from the player) so thye wouldn't be drawn anyway. 
That Misleading Bastard 
Scamp, you can borrow my shotgun for that surgical strike. I have had that dumb idea in the back of my head for sometime, even though it contradicted what I have come across in the better forums moderated by the likes of Ydnar. I apoligize for this -- I have a few recommendations for clearing this up though -- ones that shouldn't land us on death row any way.

Here is a forum with the same discussion and some of the same misunderstandings that had to be cleared up.

and this appears to be a better tutorial for those that need it. 
Caulk And Q3, Moh, And Quake. 
caulk can be used for:

-faces you'll never see becuase they are always facing away, so that they don't waste lightmaps or space in memory/on disk (even though as you say, if they are facing away they won't be rendered.)

In quake you can't do this (though there's a "skip" texture that Tyrann or someone created which a special utility can remove.)

-faces that you never see becuase they are behind a curve patch or some detail brushes. They need to be there becuase curves and detail don't seal the bsp hull. But if they are drawn, they not only waste memory and lightmaps, but they also eat fillrate and can cause z-fighting if the patch or detail faces are co-planar or nearly so.

Quake doesn't need this becuase it doesn't have detail or bezier patches. Though there are often faces inside door frames or behind bmodels that you never need to see, these are so few in most quake maps that it doesn't matter much.

-faces on detail brushes that you don't need, but are there becuase a brush has to be complete even if all you wanted was one face to be drawn. This is less of a reason in q3 becuase detail brushes are CSGed together, but in MoH it's essential, becuase they are not.

Quake doesn't have detail brushes and its CSG is much more strict, so there is never a problem of extra faces or overlapping faces or anything like that. (except sometimes with bmodels overlapping world geometry, but that can be avoided easily by the mapper.) 
is it up yet? 
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