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Video Game Soundtracks
-What do you wish to hear in a soundtrack?
-What makes a soundtrack worth listening to?
-Your favorite game soundtracks?

I'm listening to Q1 soundtrack. I've always liked it, love the atmosphere.. it's very inspiring musically. Any others I should check out?
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Doom's Running From Evil 
Running from evil has a kicka$$ solo on it.. Bobby Prince is the man... Also Alice, Retrun to castle wolfenstein and diablo 
Yay for midi guitar solos!!1 
In The Same Order... 
... if you look for a good sound like heavy-metal with guitar solos, just listen to Nightmare Creatures I and II games music .. It really increases insecurity feeling in this horror, black and weighty ambiance FPS game..
I don't know if someone has yet played this game, but it was terrific !!! 
I think guitar music in games largely sucks. Try playing Painkiller with the 'battle music' turned off - it makes for a much more cohesive experience. It's a shame they stuck that heavy metal stuff in PK - you'd be quite happily walking around, admiring the spooky ambience and getting creeped out when suddenly "JUN JUN JUN JUN JURRRR - OH NOES TEH MONSTERS ARE COMING!!1" Even if the 'battle' consists of shooting a solitary skeleton creature in a small room, you still get the stupid guitar music. 
Battle Music 
Even if the 'battle' consists of shooting a solitary skeleton creature in a small room, you still get the stupid guitar music.

LOL yes. Silly. I kind of remember a similar thing from Serious Sam though, but I seem to remember that case it was comical in that game. You take out a small horde of monsters with the battle music, then the music fades almost to nothing, then it comes back strong again for all of 1 second while a lone skeleton jumps out and you cap it with a double-barrel shotgun blast, and then it fades out. 
does turning down the fight music still mean the ambient music is cut off when monsters are awakened?

if so, maybe someone will h4x0r the scripts or whatever to get rid of that later... 
no, the ambient music continues even during fights. I think setting 'battle music' to 0 also has the effect of saying "use ambient music all the time", which is cool. 
sweetness! i have to try this! 
and i jacked up the ambient music to 100, to further enhance the evilness 
Soundtracks Of The Games 
You can use AvRack program to record soundtracks "from the PC screen", I did so to make squeeze soundtracks out of Enclave game, for example, or NFS Underground. Try it yourself... 
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