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Knight Lore

Ultimate, an acclaimed mid-eighties game developer, established the genre with Knight Lore (1984), the first of Ultimate's isometric puzzle/adventure games for the Spectrum computer. In the game, Saberman, a recurring character in Ultimate games, must gather 14 objects in order to lift his werewolf curse. Development: Chris Stamper, Tim Stamper

Knight Lore screenshot Alien 8 screenshot
Knight Lore Alien 8

Following Knight Lore's success, Ultimate released a string of derivative games, the first of which was Alien 8 (1984). In addition to Ultimate's contributions, a number of other Knight Lore clones of varying quality flooded the market over the next couple years, until the genre eventually went out of fashion.

Altered Space

"My brief was to write an isometric game for the Gameboy (as there weren't any). Software Creations had just had some success with Solstice on the NES, and so had some know-how of how to do an isometric game despite Nintendo hardware - which I gladly employed. I also (unusually) got to design this one, although the gameplay in an isometric game always consists of a few similar puzzles." - Mike Follin

Altered Space screenshot Altered Space screenshot
Noir et Blanc. This time, the conveyor belts
are animated.

Humphrey the astronaut must escape from the alien Zaks' spaceship in this 1991 Software Creations title. Altered Space is not a true Solstice sequel, but its gameplay, graphics, and interface closely follow the earlier game. Programming: Mike Follin. Graphics: Anthony Anderson. Music: Geoff Follin.


Another Software Creations creation, Equinox is officially "Solstice 2." This time around, Shadax has been captured by the evil Sonia, and it's up to his son, Glendaal, to rescue him. Glendaal must explore and conquer eight different dungeons before he can reach some sort of custody arrangement with Sonia. Equinox was released in 1993 for the Super Nintendo. Programming: ?. Graphics: ?. Music: Tim Follin, Geoff Follin.

Equinox screenshot Equinox screenshot
Unlike his dad, Glendall mixes his pacifism with throwing knives. This looks like a perfect place for a coffee table.

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