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8/11/2001 21:00 PDT - Added two box scans to the files page.

2/13/2001 1:53 PST - Added two more Nintendo Power scans to the files page.


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The Rom cartridge

First, download the rom [ solstice.nes - 72k ] to discover, or rediscover, this classic adventure game. The .nes format runs with such emulators as Nesticle. For further information on roms and emulation, please visit the following locations:

The Images

What follows are photos and scans of cartidges, boxes, and other Solstice paraphernalia.

The Music

Download the title track in .mid format [ title.mid - 6k ] or all of the music in .nsf format [ solstice.nsf - 9k ]. A track listing for the .nsf file follows. Note: tracks 8 through 25 in this .nsf are just a combination of noise and snafucated music fragments. Solstice screenshot

1   opening cinematic (0:24)
2   in-game (1:48, looping)
3   game over (0:10)
4   continue (0:16)
5   ending cinematic and credits (1:16)
6   title with intro (2:48)
7   title without intro (2:40)

The Nosefart plugin for Winamp can play .nsf files. Be sure to use the latest version of each. For more information on .nsf files, please visit the following locations:

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