Oblivion Mission Pack

Welcome to the Oblivion Mission Pack On-Line Manual. In this manual, we've attempted to cover all aspects of gameplay that are new to this mission pack. For information on playing Quake® II itself, please refer to its documentation. To begin reading the manual, please click on one of the links below. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Lethargy Software.

A. Minimum System Requirements
B. The Story
C. Installation
D. Basics of Play
  I. Overview
  II. Single Player Mode
  III. Cooperative Mode
  IV. Deathmatch Mode
E. New Items
  I. Deatomiser
  II. Laser Grenade
  III. Plasma Pistol
  IV. Plasma Rifle
  V. DetPack
  VI. Hellfury
  VII. Donut of Destruction
F. Enemies
  I. Spider
  II. Kigrax
  III. Sentinel
  IV. Deatomiser Soldier
  V. Cyborg
G. Customer Support
  I. Web
  II. E-mail
H. Credits
  I. Programming
  II. Level Design
  III. Artwork
  IV. Models
  V. Music
  VI. Website / Manual
I. End-User License Agreement
This manual and all text and graphics contained herein are copyright ©1998-1999 Lethargy Software, Inc. Quake® II is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc. For information concerning the Oblivion® Mission Pack, this manual, or Lethargy Software, please contact us.