Oblivion Mission Pack
D. Basics of Play

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I. Overview
The Oblivion Mission Pack is divided into a series of complex missions, each with several goals or objectives. These goals will be made clear to you through messages from your field computer as you progress through the game.

II. Single Player Mode
In single player mode, you will be set to face the Strogg alone with only your brains, brawn, and a slew of useful weapons to protect you. When you first enter the game, your field computer will brief you as to your current mission or missions. Press 'F1' to read these missions, and then proceed towards the destination. Throughout the game, the field computer will provide you with helpful information to speed your progress. Any time it has new information, a small icon will blink in the center of the bottom of the screen.

III. Cooperative Mode
In cooperative mode, you will find yourself facing the Strogg with one or more friends there to help you along the way. When two or more of you tackle the alien menace, the game takes on a whole new level of strategy.

IV. Deathmatch Mode
In deathmatch mode, you are placed into a Strogg environment absent of aliens, but full of other Marines intent on your, and each others', destruction. Use your skills to hunt down the other marines, kill them, and grab their weaponry and ammunition.

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