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Speedmap Pack 49
Speed map session 49 took place today, with "crappy maps" as the theme. The result was seven Q1 maps; some single player, some deathmatch, though there is no guarantee that these maps really support any game type. Guilty parties: DaZ, E-werd, Harb, NotoriousRay, Scampie, Starbuck, and myself.

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My Thoughts 
SM49_Starbuck is definitely the best of the lot. Made me laugh.

SM49_scampie made me cry, though, cause it crashed FitzQuake. ;( 
Does Anyone Have 
a non-corrupt file? The files at and seem both corrupt. 
It is on it's way 
metl's was the only true bad map.
starbuck's was just fagrolana. 
/me is suitably impressed at czg's useage of the word "fagrolona", even though i dont know what it means. 
It's probably a variation of the word "fag". 
I Guessed As Much 

if you have a working version and the site doesn't, maybe you could send it over to me or scampie so we can upload it (if you haven't already). Ta. 
Argh! It's A Crate! 
oh and thanks for the praise, all of it totally deserved i might add ;)
I thought about doing a target range map too, it might be interesting, but it would be difficult to make a counter for how many targets you hit without any QC. 
Sm50 Theme 
i think we still need ideas for the sm50 theme. The only one i've heard seriously suggested is a clone of a little known level from 1997 called "the fly" by markus klar. 
Thanks Abyss 
metl: that sounds interesting.....reminds me of a map i played a while back. I think it was called 'the fly' by marcus something.

seriously though, yeah more suggestions would be nice, i'll start a thread to properly discuss it i think. 
...what's that level where you approach the same area but it's a different way up??

Anyway, Starbuck you are deranged but that was genuinely very funny! 
Actually I think it's a Don Martin onomatopoeticon. 
Re: Fagrolana 
... depicting the sound of one of those drawers they keep corpses in in the morgue. 
While I'm At It 
Does anyone have a loadable sm21_vig.bsp? It appears to have no entity data and I believe the engines don't like that ... 
Uhhh, how... when... what?! And I certainly don't have it. Must be a fake. 
Well, The Readme 
in sm21_pack says that Vigil is the author of sm21_vig and it certainly looks like a bsp but it's corrupt since there's no entity data in it.

Maybe Paul who put the map pack together knows what's up? 
It was a fuckup... never got fixed. It's the speedmap that was never to be, but got released anyway. 
Thanks For 
clearing that up. 
Can someone please explain to me what's going on? 
An evil horde of aliens called on combine have taken over city17 and there giant mechanical tower is slowly devouring the city until nothing is left, u will be back into the roll of Gordon Freeman, with appearanced from Black mesa personel such as Barney the security Guard and Dr Vance. Dr Vance's daughter Alyx is also in the for ride as you battle the combine and the forces of Xen to reclaim the earth as human property.

Hope that helps... 
...meanwhile on Xen a splinter cell has made contact with the mutant goat membered denizens of Znard, and the second front is about to open up. The evil one is aware of Alyx's penchant for a ride and hopes to foil the human resurgence by breeding mistrust amongst the outworlds... 
my cat's breath smells like catfood 
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