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"DarkPlaces Mark V" Release ==> Zircon Engine
The Zircon engine is a touchup of DarkPlaces with 40 small modifications, bug-fixes and slightly polished enhancements similar to the once upon a time "FitzQuake Mark V".

Short list:
1) Streamlined menu with scaling
2) ALT-ENTER fullscreen/windowed mode switch
3) Ctrl +/- adjusts console height
4) Windows scaling fix (so menu is not off-center if Windows scaling is on)
5) FitzQuake noclipping for mapping
6) sv_cheats defaults to 0 for developers/mappers convenience
7) Lower cpu when using the console
8) "folder" "copy" "pos" commands


Hopefully some/all of these will get rolled into official DarkPlaces at some point.
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I will look through the Ironwail code when I get an opportunity to assess how difficult it would be for Quaddicted support. I already like how the authors have made ease of use a major priority.

(General note -- next alpha of Zircon, it feels almost exactly like a conservative and really user friendly engine, except it is DarkPlaces so it can do the seemingly endless list of DarkPlaces things.)

\Off to fix a loadgame bug in a great DarkPlaces QuakeC extension that I know what to do to fix, but will be time consuming because it is a client server thing and I have to reorder a sequence of events to use a new order. 
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