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"DarkPlaces Mark V" Release ==> Zircon Engine
The Zircon engine is a touchup of DarkPlaces with 40 small modifications, bug-fixes and slightly polished enhancements similar to the once upon a time "FitzQuake Mark V".

Short list:
1) Streamlined menu with scaling
2) ALT-ENTER fullscreen/windowed mode switch
3) Ctrl +/- adjusts console height
4) Windows scaling fix (so menu is not off-center if Windows scaling is on)
5) FitzQuake noclipping for mapping
6) sv_cheats defaults to 0 for developers/mappers convenience
7) Lower cpu when using the console
8) "folder" "copy" "pos" commands


Hopefully some/all of these will get rolled into official DarkPlaces at some point.
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Updated To Provide Access To Classic DarkPlaces Menu 
You wouldn't know from here, this is actually getting more interest than I imagined.

I woke up some of the DarkPlaces enthusiasts on Moddb and it was ranked #153 of 52336 earlier. 
This is great news. Thanks for the hard work, Baker. Always fun to see your projects. 
is there a roadmap for it? or stuff that you want help with? 
Road map:

I have set up a q3 mapping kit for J.A.C.K.
Need to setup one for TrenchBroom.

The mapping kit has thousands of open source textures largely from Xonotic (Xonotic uses DarkPlaces) but also places like AmbientCG:

And maybe in 6-8 weeks people can make single player maps with full cooperative support that look more like:

DarkPlaces can handle quite a large number of players, giant cooperative levels with 8 or 16 players is easily possible (the technical limit is 255 players).

Maybe I'll will have things in a state where I could use some help here in a few weeks. Thanks for asking. 
Alpha 3 
Update with a minors feature (effects slider), a crash fix for a rare situation and map music was enabled (the project file from DarkPlaces didn't have it enabled in the preprocessor macros). 
Cool, I will have a fun little test of this.

However, what would the actual use case for this source port be? Like, basically nothing in this community is made or optimised to work on DarkPlaces anymore so it seems a bit useless.

Perhaps the multiplayer co-op aspect would be the way to go like you say. 255 players on one map sounds fun, just make sure there are 255 spawn entities lolol. 
This is getting geared for cooperative play.

For Quake, Steam and Xonotic (triple targets), perhaps followed with an Android and iPhone version.

Thanks for your interest and I love your question.

255 spawn entities lolol.

Does This Mean 
We can also hope for a Mark V touchup again? 
After I get these 3 projects where I want, I'll look at updating Mark V. 
Update W/Conservative Quake Engine Look .. 
Update to make DarkPlaces have the ability to look like a conservative Quake engine. These options are in the menu. DarkPlaces normal behavior is the default.

Next update will have a mouse driven menu like Mark V .. and I will probably streamline the menu because I prefer less things in a menu. 
looking forward to giving this a spin. Lots going on on the engine front this past year. In many ways as a result of Ironwail. 
Hey dumptruck, nice to see you and Spirit still active. I think you and your videos are about the greatest thing since Trenchbroom.

I knew starting a DarkPlaces thread at Func thread (even Quaddicted) was going to be a uphill and awkward thing.

It is time for me to help DarkPlaces and by extension LadyHavoc (and indirectly Spike).

I've done the math and calculus of this and it is spot on worth it, but more than that it is the "right thing to do".

Anyway, at a minimum I can provide some quality entertainment value and where this goes with DarkPlaces is very fun place. 
Keep On Truckin' 
...if you catch my drift. Excited to see where this goes! 
R_skyfog Coming Amongst Other Things 
Update to make DarkPlaces have the ability to look like a conservative Quake engine. These options are in the menu. DarkPlaces normal behavior is the default.

This has been THE #1 feature request for DarkPlaces since forever. Thanks for finally understanding where we are all coming from.

Should probably be the default setting though.

(Caveat: I haven't tried the engine out yet). 
Sorry, by "finally understanding" - I don't mean you personally (you were always on the same page as the rest of us, I am sure) - I mean the nebulous entity called "DarkPlaces" finally understanding...

If you catch my drift... 
hey Kinn, someone brought this up at Quaddicted, and I was like "ha, me too .. the fog".

I did think of you while doing this, I think you brought this up in a FitzQuake best fog discussion.

I may have made successful contact with dev team yesterday, I am going to help them, us, and everyone else get what they want. 
it would be awesome if there was some kind of lobby system added to DP, specially for coop. it is a pain to get my non-techie friends to play, there's always something. hamachi solves most of the issues, but getting Hamachi classic to work on everyone's machine is a pain of its own. 
Moddb is doing an upgrade and is not available right now.

When it does come back up, I have a update including a map menu. 
In Reply To #10 
Glad to read it. I survived with Ironwail in the meantime, but would be great if Mark V were able to run latest maps again at some point, too. 
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