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Q1SP: MOD - Raven Keep
Enter a dark, gothic realm and explore the colossal castle Raven Keep. Confront the sinister Lord Karasu and unravel the mysteries of the lost Holy Chalices.

Raven Keep features 3 maps with new enemies, weapons and gameplay mechanics.

Designed for Quakespasm v0.93.2 exclusively.
(It is also recommended to increase the RAM allocation in the command line with -heapsize 524288)
*No other engines are able to run these maps without technical issues. Quakespasm Spiked is currently not supported.*

Full install instructions, lore, credits and more are contained in the README.txt


Screenshot Gallery

Models and Animations Gallery


Moddb downloads page:

7zip from quaketastic (updated link to version 1.01):

Raven Keep was built off the Arcane Dimensions source code. I want to give a special thanks to Sock for providing code support during this project.
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Model Interpolation, particle effects, certain entity physics, and the cutscene camera system is not working on QSS. I imagine your playthrough may have been quite ugly as compared to the recommended QS 0.93.2 They are not the same engine. Although, its certainly possible to ignore some of these things. 
I Wander Why 
so many people talk about performance of this mod. It runs so smooth on my old laptop. All just needed to run well - run with parameter -heapsize 524288 (or some more, when still not enough). For comparison The Shib 2 is unplayable on my mashine, it freeses, and nobody this mod did not scold for performance. It is 2020, Quake long ago grew out of children's shoes, And it is only makes this Game better. So it goes. 
Finished it, even found the 'true' ending. Played on Normal. Got some Karazhan and Shadowfang Keep vibes from the Raven Keep map, and some Silverpine Forest feels from the end boss map.

Great stuff! Thanks for making this! 
Awesome Stuff 
This is super impressive. It's always great to be able to explore new worlds in a familiar engine.

You've obviously put some serious work into this. Well done!

I played through it on Easy just to absorb the atmosphere and take in the architecture. I'm going for a Hard playthrough on Halloween. Since there'll be no gatherings this year I'm having a one person party - watching the Mr Bungle live stream followed by said playthrough.

Sometimes, being isolated is a good thing! 
Positive Aspects About Covid... 
First Dwell, then Raven Keep and soon AD 1.8!

Congratulations Redfield! Very nice indeed! 
Hey, I've Missed The Church!! 
--> I'm going to reply it! 
Excellent Job 
you can see my playthrough there
Great castle construcion and we don't feel the repetitivity of the textures, Lot of new models.
Really great and complete job. 
This feels like the beginnings of its own game. New weapons, more than two of the same keys, enemy variety (though again the beasts were exactly the same, different textures... BONFIRES!!!!

This felt like a partial attempt at a Dark Souls TC. Which would be great if there wasn't a missed opportunity:

THIS is the map that, in my opinion, an updated Fantasy Quake would thrive in. Being able to choose your playstyle would continue to add variety to things. But besides that, you did an excellent job here. More in the future at your leisure. 
Question About SDL2 File 
I would like to play this but before I do it I have a question.

In my Quake installation folder I have QSS as the source port installed. Both QSS and Quakespasm include a SDL2.dll file which is not the same size. Quakespasm also includes another SDL.dll file that's not included in QSS.

SDL2.dll Quakespasm - 1.057.792 Bytes
SDL2.dll Quakespasm-Spiked - 1.067.520 Bytes

Would Quakespasm still work if I don't overwrite the QSS SDL2.dll with the one included in 0.93.2? 
Not For Me,but... 
...ehi, gotta love fighting Doctor Doom! 
Thank You 
loved the locations, the ministory and the bosses.

don't have much to contribute, but found a typo in the secret level story telling: "powerful forces moving againt us" (missing an s in "against")

anyway, thank you for this wonderful mini-episode. 
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