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Fullbright Patches For Existing Maps
Hard to believe Quake is 23 with all that fullbright acne all over the place. And while I think some of you mapping folk should really know better by now, even that's not going to help the maps released during the dark age of GLQuake.

From what I can tell, no one else seems to have bothered in all these years, so I decided to step up and comb through 150-ish top maps on Quaddicted to produce fullbright "patches". I'll keep at it, but that seems like a reasonable starting point.

I'm also putting up some tools I've cobbled together to mostly automate the task. So now you can fix things yourself - even if you know nothing about scripts, mapping, modelling or texturing - in about 10 mouse clicks.


...hi btw
Reads a bit high-horsey for a first post, but eh...
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Most frequent/visible offender is probably daikatana. Some, like knave, only have a couple faulty textures, but are omnipresent. Ogro and stuff from alice sometimes crop up, but these are rarely used in large quantities.

But it's not a couple, it's most of them. Easier to list the non-offending ones probably.

Models of course usually come unmodified directly from drake/quoth/ad, some even carry bad fullbrights from rogue/hipnotic. Most baffling are the AD shell casings that even non-AD jams re-use. 
Something like this was badly needed. Finally an easy way to get rid of all those ugly visual artifacts in old mods with modern ports! Thanks a lot for making this and arranging it in a way that's easy to understand for everyone. 
Does This Work Out Of The Box On AD? 
Some of the levels in AD really need this. 
If you just need AD, you can download only the patch for AD:
I don't remember any levels in AD being particularly bad though. 
interesting, in that last screenshot on imgur, the chthon head seems like it was intended to have the fullbrights. 
That's a Lost Soul from AD. 
How Come I Don't See Any Of This Fullbright Acne?? 
as QMD calls them, "fullbright pickles" 
are you seeing the animated images on imgur? maybe I overestimated apng support among web browsers. here are the same images as lossy gifs:

the one with checkered eyes, patchy glow, glowing casings and stray pixels on deathguards and skull's teeth - is a screenshot of the original

indeed, the fullbrights seem intentional, so I fixed them to the best of my ability 
yes, i see the animations ... i had assumed that the version with fewer fullbrights was the 'fixed' version, but glad to hear that actually, you added fullbrights to that one to make it look better. 
#10 Same For Me... 
...anyone care to explain the issue in detail?
1 - what are exactly "fullbrights"?
2 - are they features or glitches?
3 - how come me and Shambler don't see them?
4 - are they meant to be turned on in game?
5 - if they are pixels in textures, wouldn't it be enough to modify the textures once and for all instead of issuing patches?
6 - how would they fit in penis themed maps? 
I see them in some textures. There's a hazard stripe I've used and a doom wad rock texture that I had to edit out the fullbrights from. But I haven't found many recent maps that have them?? 
1) "Fullbrights" are pixels unaffected by lighting (can glow in the dark or be relatively dark under a light). In Quake these are the last 32 out of 256 colors in the palette.
2) Depends on whether they are used intentionally or not. A common cause for unintentional use is carelessly converting from some other format to Quake palette.
3) You might have it disabled (gl_fullbrights), or you might be using a sourceport without fullbright support. Or maybe they are less obvious with linear filtering.
4) Fullbrights themselves are on by default in engines that support them. The patches don't have to be turned on, just placed in appropriate folders.
5) Textures are stored inside .bsp map files. It is possible to replace them, but would require distributing whole maps again. The maps could of course be fixed before releasing them, then there would be no need for a patch.
6) rpgsp1 and shamsp3 are unaffected. 
Thanks A Lot, Chedap. 
Much better now.
Glad rgpsp1 and shamsp3 are safe to play. 
Made a script to turn an image folder into a .wad file (just drag'n'drop).

Get it here

Specifically, it preserves the color indices in indexed formats. But it also works well enough as a conversion tool for truecolor textures. Not a magic bullet, but safer than the alternatives.

Most other wad creation tools totally murderize your pixels. I'll post a rundown on them sometime later.

A bonus feature of a drag'n'drop executable is that on Windows you can place it in your "shell:sendto" folder, and it will always be a single right click away. 
Comparative Advertising 
TexMex, Wally, QPakman: despite numerous special options that would suggest otherwise, indexed images seem to be treated the same way as any other full-color ones, meaning possible fullbright bleeding both ways. Even when you simply add an image with everything possible turned off. Even without generating submips.

wad (J.Skelton's tools): treats indexed images as full-color as well, but also dithers colors during mandatory conversion - leading not just to fullbright bleeding, but to the entire image being different.

AdQuedit: actually leaves the pixels alone (mip0 anyway), but only allows adding images one at a time. Apparently has some naming bugs - doesn't seem to matter much, at least with TrenchBroom + EricW tools.

PCX2WAD/NEWWAD: versions of the same ancient DOS app. Fiddly but works. Both versions preserve color indices in the fullsize texture, which is all that matters (for GL ports). PCX2WAD has nearest-resampled submips (uses colors of fullsize image but is blocky), NEWWAD has antialiased submips with special care for fullbrights.

The above only concerns new images, transferring .mips into a wad or between wads should generally be safe with most tools.

If you care about making submips nicer for software port users, you can also run ReMipDLX on your final .wad or .bsp files. It's included in TexMex, and a standalone drag'n'drop version also exists. Should be safe, assuming you didn't already screw up the pixels with some other program by that point.

ReMipDLX and NEWWAD break color 255 in submips - this would only potentially matter for software ports with transparency. TyrQuake and qbismSuper8 are unaffected, and I don't know of any other software ports with fence support. 
Don't have any pictures to go with the above, sorry. Here's a texture you can try a simple test on. It's supposed to have a solid block of fullbrights in the middle. Try making a wad out of it with TexMex and check if the fullbrights are intact afterwards (they won't be). 
Will Check 
when i have time.

This seems to be extra useful to a pack of textures i wanted to port to .wad, and i have no knowledge enough to wade through the issues it gives. 
"BSP Is Version 1330660425" 
So apparently sock's ammo replacements are .mdl models renamed to .bsp. Makes sense, but also means that if someone else used a similar way of replacing vanilla models, and messed up the fullbrights, I would have missed it completely in the previous patches. Please let me know if you're aware of other such cases.

Uploaded/updated patches for 1000cuts, backstein, fallen, ivory, kaahoo, zendar and retrojams 1,2,6.
Additionally, since the initial release I've added patches for haunting, hwjam2, jumpmod, marine, oms3, xmas2019 and updated patches for rrp and warp. 

I'm trying to use this tool to patch some textures of sm194_ish.bsp from speedmap-pack-194.

The bat files 2, 3 and 4 work great, then i went to fb_tex folder and deleted all the textures that don't need to be patched (because some fullbright colors are intentional). But when i try to run bat file 6 it only creates a empty patch/textures folder (there's nothing inside of it).

What am i doing wrong? :/ 
Are the "tga" and "pcx" folders there? Make sure you've actually run number 3, 4 will work without it but 6 won't 
Actually, it's probably spaces in the folder paths. Replacing both instances of %cd% with .. should do it in this case (bat file #6). But better to avoid spaces anyway. 
That was it!

Replacing %cd% with .. on bat #6 works \o/

Late Question 
There seems to be something wrong/missing with skin exports. Python doesn't seem to be included. Even if you install it manually, the script yields an error with, saying "ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'qmdl'". 
The readme says about those scripts:

"These last two are only needed for operations on models. They are written by me and require Python 3.6+ with Pillow and qmdl installed (" 
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