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Fullbright Patches For Existing Maps
Hard to believe Quake is 23 with all that fullbright acne all over the place. And while I think some of you mapping folk should really know better by now, even that's not going to help the maps released during the dark age of GLQuake.

From what I can tell, no one else seems to have bothered in all these years, so I decided to step up and comb through 150-ish top maps on Quaddicted to produce fullbright "patches". I'll keep at it, but that seems like a reasonable starting point.

I'm also putting up some tools I've cobbled together to mostly automate the task. So now you can fix things yourself - even if you know nothing about scripts, mapping, modelling or texturing - in about 10 mouse clicks.


...hi btw
Reads a bit high-horsey for a first post, but eh...
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That was it!

Replacing %cd% with .. on bat #6 works \o/

Late Question 
There seems to be something wrong/missing with skin exports. Python doesn't seem to be included. Even if you install it manually, the script yields an error with, saying "ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'qmdl'". 
The readme says about those scripts:

"These last two are only needed for operations on models. They are written by me and require Python 3.6+ with Pillow and qmdl installed (" 
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