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SM194: BigMcGee
14 speedmaps made with a strict (I hope, because I didn't check) limit of keeping all vertices on a 64 unit grid.

Composite screenshot


- Artistical
- Danzadan
- Ersael
- Fairweather
- Ing-ing
- ish
- kamp
- khreathor
- MortalMaxx
- Mugwump (!!!)
- Pinchy
- uKKo

Download SM194

- otp is dumb
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Unexpected Release ! 
I'm so excited to try this out tomorrow :D !

I'll try to stream it aswell. 
Had A Quick Look 
and just wanted to say the "loophole" i've just noticed where someone would make something a func_door just to adjust its position arbtrarily via the door movement behaviour, to avoid the 64 grid, is so stupid it actually hurts my head. 
Purple Haze 
Swallow some tylenol, skip mine and play the rest of the pack. You're missing a lot.
Mine is the only one that so far abuses this "loophole".

Cheers, and have fun. 
My apologies, I don't know how I forgot. :(

I'll fix it tomorrow. 
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