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Quake 1.5 Mod Beta
a.k.a. Brutal Quake (Unofficial)

This is the mod edition of the weapons pack released a few years ago. It has been forked off of seven's SMC 5.30, bringing with it many new features - This mod requires darkplaces as it makes use of engine extensions specific to DP

What is it?

Quake 1.5 is firstly a weapons overhaul, the original weapon pack's goal was to redo the quake 1 weapons to give them more feedback. Changes in the mod version include things like shell ejection, seeing rockets slide into the tube, additional frames for nailguns and a spin up/down on the SNG like Q2's chaingun.

The mod is a gameplay mod second, and branches off of SMC to include many new features (see website for feature list.)

(I did not create this mod.)
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I Had The Same Infantile... 
knee-jerk reaction to mod as some of the posters here until I tried it for myself. It's a bit more than a "weapons" mod and it's fun. Because I have very little experience with DP it's was an interesting experience to spend a bit more time in the engine. One thing to note is there are excellent new levels included in the map by Bloodshot. You can certainly turn bloom off AFAIK.

Moving forward I'll actually be trying mods before trashing them.

On a related note Bloodshot is the next guest on the Quakecast and I think people will be surprised at some of his comments re: the future of the mod, the backlash from the func community and other tidbits. 
@dumptruck Its good to try new mods and engines. Just do not be too naive. Do some research about existing DP mods first. Around 80% of that mod features are SMC features. With some additional AD monster models and content.
Yes, that mod adds new weapon models and some map edits with new episode bosses made out of AD and Quoth monsters.
As many people already posted, it is more a combination of existing DP mods with some new edits.
If you look at the mod content and are familiar with DP and Quake mods in general you will see it as well.
Using well made DP mods as base and add some features on top will of course generate enthusiasm among the people who do not know much about it. And that is exactly what you see on moddb at the moment. And that is also the reason why you do not see the same enthusiasm on the Quake forums. Except from people like 8657 who obviously do not know much about Quake at all ;) 
Are you really that naive yourself that you say someone doesn't know much about Quake because they're excited about how popular it's getting? Like they're not familiar with or have never played Qore? Or maybe the attempt to TC Blood in DarkPlaces known as Transfusion? Or maybe the fact that Bloodspot admitted that Q15 is a fork of SMC in the Intro level?

The most important thing about modding isn't just to shoot the shit and make new things. You also have to build on what's been made before and improve upon it. This is part of the achievement of Q15 on the technical level.

What Q15 has really done is potentially popularize all of those things in a time where Quake modding and mapping is coming back up after years of little activity. In that sense, AD is responsible for Q15's hype because of what it's done to bring attention back to Quake modding and mapping.

You don't have to like DP. Hell, you can wait until the QS version comes out to see if you like it or not. Just don't shit on it based off of a cursory glance and assumptions about what it is.

tl;dr This stuff's cool despite how old or new it is. The fact that things like this keep wowing people should tell you something about how rare these things actually are to people who don't frequent that part of the Quake fanbase. 
I am well aware of where the mod comes from - it even says it's based on SMC it when you first launch it. And I have certainly played AD and made a map for it. :)

Now that QuakeOne is dead there's not really a good place to bone up on DP mods is there? Please correct me if I am wrong. In any event, DP needs to die in favor of FTE. 
Gargle Gargle Gargle... 
"tl;dr This stuff's cool despite how old or new it is. The fact that things like this keep wowing people should tell you something about how rare these things actually are to people who don't frequent that part of the Quake fanbase. "

Have you seen ALL the kind of stuff around that wows people ?
You really find it ALL great ? O_o

The mod has 2 things without which I am sure it would gain greater acceptance and be all the better for it : the name and the taste in gfx effects chosen and employed by default.
Yes it may not grab the awfull attention of certain people "wowed" by very tastelessly chosen and implemented superficial gfx effects in 2019... but I mean come on, who cares ?

The mod could of gone through the effort of ESRGAN upscale if it has to be "high rez"...not used "WOW so NEW!! --> COLORED LIGHTINGGGG FOR MY 3DFX CARD!!! HOW COOL IS NEXT GEN Y2K AYE ?" crapola oversaturated overdone TASTELESS lighting...

Just turning on all the ugly FLASH WHEEEE WIZZZZZ switches to max in DP is lazy and tasteless.

The fast gameplay, doom2 style ssg action etc and some other simlar parts are a fine idea for its own kind of mod, I have nothing against at all. But then that name.... 
The SSG is from QC according to Bloodspot, if I remember properly. You can change to the classic version in the menu just like you can play with the classic centering. Most of the things people complain about aren't a serious issue. There's even an option to play with Quake/Flares if you hate the hi-res.

Hi-Res ISN'T a requirement to play the mod, though DP not being in common use is why people are reacting to seeing Q1 in that way; this is the point of the 2nd sentence. That you think something is lazy and tasteless doesn't mean someone else will have the same view of seeing Q1 who may have just been exposed to it. It's more technically impressive in how the graphics can be tinkered with than QS's more traditional-looking graphics scheme and can be messed with according to one's own preference.

The fast gameplay is more reminiscent to how the later Quakes played, so I'm not that miffed about that: id2's flexibility is something that's going to be explored as new people come to understand how the engine actually works and what they can do for their own projects. Sure this was a project that was a long time coming, but how many people who didn't know about Quake's modding and mapping still being around will it attract to try their own hand at things? And this, in turn, will increase the mapping tricks as new things come to be a part of the pool.

In the end, everyone benefits. That's the main reason other than rabid fandom that DOOM's modding has been on a near consistent expansion in the past 20 years. That's why this shit's cool: it's a chance to finally advance things from where they've been since the 2000s.

The name though is something I agree with you on, even though I see why it has the name. It should change when it leaves Beta so the wrong idea isn't taken. Maybe there'll be a new name when Q15 hits QS as Bloodspot says he plans to.
We'll see what happens.

Extra: A quick playthrough of a custom map that Q15 made more interesting: 
Now Does That Not Look Incredibly Fucking Better ? 
The tinkering mentioned above is 0 impressive.
I do believe DP patched in those effects for people wanting to build OTHER games / TC's with the engine. Not to "enhance" Quake, or, *shudder* - bring it to version 1.5!

"It's more technically impressive in how the graphics can be tinkered with than QS's more traditional-looking graphics scheme and can be messed with according to one's own preference."

The colored lighting, bloom and other cheap fx are certainly not technically impressive, those graphic fx are regular stuff found in countless other engines just added wholesale in to DP. I am not much of a dev but if I understand it is mostly a question of porting existing stuff.

Now QC implemented extra particle, gore etc stuff is certainly more interesting.

I do doubt quake modding will ever reach Doom proportions due to the obscurity of figuring out how stuff works compared to Doom.
I believe asset creation is definitely harder too 
And that youtube video makes me think all the more this would be a great "Painkiller" TC for Quake1, with the tons of mish mash weapons and enemies. Not being facetious, I mean it, would be cool in itself, dunno, call it PainQuake or somesuch, fast movement bunnyjumping around and hordes to slay. 
Graphically so it is to a new pair of eyes. You're underestimating DP's novelty in that regard. Not everyone's played QC, and we don't have access to the source code like we do everything else. DP could stand to be improved/replaced, but it's just window dressing compared to what Q15 actually does on the technical level. Think more in the way someone not so exposed to these things in Quake (not newer games) would see it, and you understand why someone might be wowed to see Quake in that way.

The main reason why things are still so hard is that Quake modding's remains obscure in comparison to the brilliant map design of Quaker mappers even though at its core Quake modding's just an expanded process of Doom modding. Much of Doom modding today is possible because of Quake's source code as the base for what modern Doom is today.

3D models in a id1 variation (VRDoom)

And here's Risen3D which allows for 3D models in the Doomsday Engine:

There's so much out there that could be taken and used if there was the will to do it.

The biggest problem for Quake isn't so much the difficulty as it is how much time and effort is needed to get everything done. To make a TC for example requires making new models for enemies and the player character, new maps, new programming etc... And the worst part is so many have to start from scratch because there's almost nothing to build on thanks to the fact so much's been lost outside of actual Quake.

It takes so much effort BECAUSE of that. How cool would it be if all of the TCs' assets were brought together into one resource and accessible in Trenchbroom or something like that? It'd be cool to see a new Fantasy Quake level after so long.

But I'm getting a little too off-topic with that.

Your Painkiller idea would be cool to see, though I'm not sure how well it would port over. 
3D models in a id1 variation (VRDoom)

Lookin' good!

Just scooped an exclusive leaked reference image from the "former human" model there:

I guess the name "1.5" is meant to be a mix of Q1 and Q2. Older versions of this mod features a super shotgun that looks much closer to Q2, and Q2 also has a hand grenade. Q1.5's super nailgun looks closer to the Q2 hyperblaster.

Wait. That's exactly the reason for the "1.5" naming:

bloodshot1 2 points · 3 years ago
Been making a Q1 weapons pack on and off with a goal to give it the heavily animated Q2 flavor, what do you guys think?

Of course, the current version evolved beyond its Quake 2 inspiration and doesn't resemble a midpoint anymore. 
The Midpoint Thing Is Interesting, But... 
If you want to evoke the idea of a midpoint between games, "Quake 1½" conveys that better. "1.5" with a decimal implies software versions, not sequels.

Also generally, we each have our own interpretation of what is the essence of quake, how it could be changed, what is sacred and what is a flaw or bug that should have been fixed long ago. Naming your mod just "Quake" plus a number is claiming a degree of authority or officialness that none of us have. 
To Be Fair, 
Bloodspot isn't likely going to think on those terms since he'd be more inclined to the software interpretation considering we're all Quake fans. The logic probably went something like this:

"I want to make the Q1 weapons animate and look more like the Q2 weapons. What can I name this mod that'd convey that? Quake 1.5 sounds good! Let's go with that!"

It's perfectly understandable why it was chosen. There's nothing intentionally cocky about that naming. He might change it, so the point'll probably be moot regardless. 
Please listen to the podcast on Thursday for the straight dope. Mankrip has it nailed but there's more to the story. 
Naming your mod just "Quake" plus a number is claiming a degree of authority or officialness that none of us have.

While this is true to a certain extent, a lot of it also depends on who you are. Put it this way: more senior/well-known community figures can (and do) get away with a lot more.

Take Bengt Jardrup, for example; naming his engine "Quake" plus a number is exactly what he has done but yet he doesn't face community backlash for it.

So this particular item does need to be teased apart a little more, because it's not the full story. 
Take Bengt Jardrup, for example; naming his engine "Quake" plus a number is exactly what he has done but yet he doesn't face community backlash for it.

That's not even on the same planet as a comparison. Unless I'm missing something, Mr. Jardrup named his executable files "winquake.exe", "glquake.exe" etc., which wasn't particularly well-thought through, but I don't think there was ever any intent to promote his thing a "the new quake version XX", it was just a thing he did and we all had to rename his .exe file ourselves, which was a micro-annoyance at best. 
Nice try to once again blame func for the RemakeQuake fiasco. 
I Mean Why? 
Literally everybody has gotten over it now. 
Aguirre's engine is really good tho, it even has full support for Nehahra. I think it is the only engine that can run everything. 
Aguirre's Engine 
I think it is the only engine that can run everything.

I didn't think it had BSP2 support added? If not, it wouldn't be able to run AD. 
Yes, I couldn't be arsed with it. 
Aguirre has beta versions with bsp2 support, runs that 37 ad base map 
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