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2018 Quake Christmas Jam
2018 Quake Christmas Jam
1024 ^ 3 maps for Arcane Dimensions.

A reprisal of last year's Christmas event, a mapper's challenge where the level must fit inside a 1024 unit box. I find that the size limitation helps to rein in the scope of a mapper's ambition, and increase the chance of something actually being completed.

Don't forget to use all the space. Use every vertical inch the constraints, allow, re-use areas, use the wonderful AD entities to change the layout and progression of the map itself. For reference, feel free to check out the original Quake Christmas Jam:

The deadline is November 30th, 2018.

Send your completed maps to:

func DOT xmasjam2018 AT gmail DOT com

Maps need to be fully compiled, vised, and preferably tested. Skill settings and compatibility with AD 1.7 is also a must. If you need help with testing, post here and they'll certainly be at least one good Samaritan who steps up. Prospective mappers may submit as many maps as they wish (I know I certainly hope to have multiple entries). Ideally we'd have 24 maps for every day leading up to Christmas, but that may be a little ambitious. If you’ve got leftover maps from last year’s event that you never got around to finishing, now is an excellent opportunity to finish them off.

So, get to mapping. Any questions, drop them either here or on the Terrafusion or Quake mapping Discord channels. Best of luck to all of you.
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Both Are Acceptable 
Whatever strikes your creativity. If it’s crying out for vertical, unreachable spaces, go for it. 
vertical, unreachable spaces
That's not what I had in mind (more like mechanisms hidden from view) but you just sparked inspiration for a cool design idea. Thanks! 
I find that the size limitation helps to rein in the scope of a mapper's ambition, and increase the chance of something actually being completed.


But I know I needed every day on last year's entry.

Oh boy, can't wait to stall until Nov 28 to start something good for this! 
What jcr said 
The Work Begins

Starts in twenty-five minutes. 
Results Of Today's Morning Stream 
The Torment Continues

Starts in about fifteen minutes. 
Howdy! This sounds like a fun way to get into Quake mapping, although there's a few things about AD I still need to work out. Where's the best place to ask minor questions around here? 
OTP is right and you can also ask in the AD thread or use the search function here. The AD documentation is pretty thorough as well.

The AD map sources help too although they get pretty crazy compared to id1 maps. 
Welcome Strideh 
Warm Welcome 
Thanks! Discord seems like the place to be. I'll check it out. 
Very slow progress, on the weekends only... For some reason I find it to be very hard to create a tightly-packed layout/route as I go along. Trying to not let any space go to waste. Hoping for a somewhat intricate micro-layout this time, like a full map condensed to 1024. 
Cheers for the ionousbler streams and still hoping for a Bal mapping stream btw. 
Lol You Gonna Name The Map 1024gington? 
I did want to make a underwater jam map and call it Submergington! 
You Should Have, The Pun Works Well 
One Month Left 
Just a reminder to those who are participating, or are considering doing so.

If you'e never tried making a 1024 map before, it's a good mapping exercise, keeping everything contained within a specific space. 
Not Sure I'm Going To Make It In Time 
So the usual.
Definitely going to finish the map, though. 
Oh Well 
Not entirely unexpected given the ultra-intricate nature of the map. Oh well. I do look forward to seeing the finished version at some point. 
Work Continues On My Second 1024 Map

Starts in fifteen minutes. 
Deadline Timer 
Khreathor was kind enough to make a countdown to the deadline. 
Calling Out For A Fellow Samaritan 
If someone could lend me a hand with testing I would be very grateful! I'm nearly done with this map, it only needs an artpass and different skill settings.
Heres the DL:
Also what is the exact naming convention for this jam? Should I call the map xmasjam_spipper or xmasjam2018_spipper? 
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